Friday, March 25, 2011

Drowning...gurgle gurgle

Do you ever feel this way ?
We lately we have.It seems we cannot catch a break E.V.E.R
First off I got a bad infection when sick people came to our house(old landlord showed it and did not respect the wear a mask request)
Second we moved with no help.We have or I should say HE has family here but no one is ever able to help(go figure).So poor Søren has been doing his best at going to work then moving until almost midnight then repeat the next day.
We are done moving but now comes the unpacking and organizing.
Next 2 steps back..because I have not been eating right and was sick and on antibiotics for 7 weeks,stress, etc my hemoglobin dropped way down and so did the iron.
The Dr's here are shall we say (and I will keep it clean) hard to deal with.They call and expect you to run right in.Thing is I don't understand most of them and they don't speak english even though the hospital claims there is always someone that does.They mis understand alot of stuff and mis communicate it to other Dr's resulting in many phone calls to me yelling at me and calling me a liar when in fact it was the Dr that made the mistake.
You will never ever ever get an apology though so don't hold your breath.
The Dr yesterday(and there is a new one every day) told me it was his job to "push me" into doing what they want even if I don't want the treatment (aka blood transfusion) when my hemo is on the way back above normal already.
Next fall of 50 zillion steps was we were going "Home" to Texas on vacation.I have not been home in 5 years and was looking forward to it.We have not had a family vacation in 4 years.It is difficult to go on one with only one salary.
But alas we had to move so no vacation for us.
It is times like this I miss my family more than ever.They want to help with the girls and help us out but they are so far away.
Neeeext is UDLST we still have NOT heard back.They said I wold get something right away when they got my new passport...well it has been 4 months and they wont even answer calls from my attorney.....sigh
I worry about Søren as he is taking it all on but he is awesome and we will make it.
The sun is out now and it is like a life saver so I hope we start swimming again as we truly need to or well I don't really know .....
I love this saying
We May Not Have it All Together but Together We have it All

I worry about Søren as he is taking it all on but he is awesome and we will make it

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Amazing Treatment or NOT

So I had to go to the Dr on thursday as I have a lingering infection(thanks to little clown and his disrespect)
So my last hemoglobin was 5.2 I was not to worried as it is always low.
On thursday however my Dr (whom I just love) called less than an hour after I left very concerned as it had dropped in 2 weeks to 4.6.
He wanted me hospitalized to get scans,xrays what ever to find out the cause.If it was internal bleeding that was going unnoticed to something else more concerning.
I went to the hospital as directed on Friday morning.Go in stand and wait and wait while they all pass me by and asking little old men what they need.
Finally Søren comes up and he goes to get someone and they put me in a room with a bed from the 1920's because you know with my condition I can hand crank a bed etc.
I wait and wait and a lady from the lab comes in to take blood and do a EKG
and oxy check.EKG and OX check are fine.
A young dr comes in a examines me and makes my kidneys hurt explains they will do tests etc.
They did one unpleasant one and no bleeding.
So I am laying in this rock hard bed listening to the nurses talk about me in danish..HA they think because I dont speak danish I dont understand how they are discussing me and my case.All the while these other 2 patients are hacking away and on oxygen.
One lady even calls several friends to tell them she has pneumonia.Great.Soren went and asked and they told him it was ok for me to be there as I had a little white count...(I am on chemo and have an auto immune disease)
The nurse comes back and by this time I am furious.Everyone else gets a snack served by a nurse and I am skipped.Dammit I am hungry to..Oh Well
Anyway she comes back and says they will do another blood draw in the after noon and then monday do another one ...ummm what about tests and the weekend.Well I am to just stay there and wait..Oh no I am not.
If they are going to treat me like this no way am I staying .
Why do they have to treat people like shit there.My Dr was abviously concerned or he would not have sent me there.
I am supposed to go back there monday am but I am going to my dr first.
If I want to be treated like a door mat or piece of poo I will get out the welcome mat and plastic bags

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Very Awesome Poster

I got this in the mail last week and keep forgetting to post about it.
I think it is very awesome and will be hanging it somewhere it can be seen by everybody :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Dear Foreigners

This was in a newspaper

I copied this from ThisIndonesian

Dear foreigners,

You are not welcomed in Denmark.

It’s not because we have something against you personally.

We are modern and open-minded people.

It’s just so difficult, so difficult that you are coming and want to live with us here.

Because you are different, you forced us to look at ourselves.

You force us to look at ourselves and the way we live our lives and

You chose to show us that there’s another way to live our lives and believe in other values than ours.

If it weren’t for you and your belief, we wouldn’t be worried or think about our own, because it’s something that we don’t want to look at or even know about.

Because we’re happy and satisfied people, just like we are now.

We are small country, we are doing great. We like coffee and cheese sandwich and sometimes shawarma.

It’s not that and we’ve always been like that.

Remember that it’s nothing personal. We have nothing personal against you or your family no matter where in the world you come from.

I am sure you are very friendly and if we get to know each other, it’s not impossible that we’d become friends.

But you’re just so different and we don’t even want to think about all the things that follow when you receive a visit from a stranger.

So, stay away.

Thank you

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Our New Place

Look we are alive :D
We have been moving and not had proper internet so I have been MIA.
But We are back ....
The move has been stressful as it seems our family etc disappears when we need help.We manage it just takes a while.We have a
lot to go yet as far as unpacking and putting things away.
As for me I still have the infection and I am back on chemo after 2 weeks off it.
My body was running on over drive and when I finally allowed myself to relax I
was done.The pain and swelling went wild.
I am starting to feel better but no wild hopes here that it is going away soon.
Here are a few pictures of my view from my recliner,livingroom/dining room.
day view

I did get my birthday book and I love her blog as well
HERE is her blog.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Soooooo do I look like a YoYo

Here is a quote from a letter I received
"I have talked with Udlændingestyrelsen and they say that you have to pay the application fee if you apply for an extension. I don't believe that you fall under the exemptions since they apply to the Danish spouse being ill, not the foreign spouse.

In Udlændingestyrelsen they couldn't say how long you can stay. I think its because they have granted you the right to stay without any clear grounds (legal basis). When you look at the law there is no such thing as "although your residence permit has expired you can stay here legally for now because we made a mistake". Your situation simply doesn't fall under the normal categories. I think they expect you to file for the extension soon and if not they will probably start the procedure of deporting you."
Seriously !?!?!!?
I applied in 2009 before any of the points system was up etc and yet they wont close one out and then start over.I cannot tell you how people react to my case and everything that has happened.I usually get "
Are you serious?
How can all this happen to one family?
Well let me show you my paper work.
I have been asked if I WANT to stay here.I do
I like it here and I want my kids to grow up where it is safe BUT
I dont want them to grow us racist or treating people like second class citizens because of where they came from.
I just wish the powers that be in UDLST would let the people that want to be married and live together be happy.
I sat here the other night thinking about "Danish" families going on holiday etc.
We don't go anywhere because of the "what if's"
What if the UDLST decides I need to talk to them on friday and we left on thursday for a holiday.
What if we go away for a few days and they give me 48 hours to leave...

What if they just say we are sorry for failing to allow you to take Danish classes...
What if they say we are sorry but we did not actually read your medical papers...
I spoke with 2 reporters yesterday and I am hoping more coverage helps
One can still have hope when they took the rest away

What if they say we are so sorry for causing you mental stress and your children and husband and we will let you stay..
What is a frog had wings he would not go around bumping his ass on the ground(just a funny to lighten the post :)