Friday, February 17, 2012

Good Times to Come !

So we are in are temporary housing until one of those pretty orange trucks stops buy to pack us up and move us HOME!!!!
Yes you read that correctly we are going home. We are very excited and nervous as well since it will be a new journey for us.
The girls are excited and I am a little scared but happy.New Dr's for me at the Mayo clinic and hopeful for some answers as to why I am not doing so well.
We are slowly (need to move faster ) listing our things for sale and hoping they all sell.We made a wish list to keep track of what we need so that when we sell it here we buy it in the USA and have it waiting for us.
I hope I can meet alot of the people I have know online for years as I think it will be fun.We will be in Texas for a few weeks while our stuff sails over and then off to our new house near the Smokey Mountains.
So stay tuned for our moving fun and medical journey and most of all send us some rocking vibes for our trip home.