Friday, April 22, 2011

Makayla is 3

I am slow getting this done.The sun has been out and I have not been inside much.
I cannot believe our little miracle baby is 3.She is cuddly,smart and amazing( like all kids).She is my tractor loving girly girl.
She is bilingual and soon to be trilingual.She will start German daycare on may 1st and we are beyond excited.




Happy Birthday Stinky Baby ( her nick name )

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Miss Mack's Greenhouse

Miss Mack loves plants and gardening just like her Mama.
So when I saw this nifty little portable greenhouse I knew she would love it.
She planted ,chives,and some other salad greens.Now she is collecting tomato seeds from other countries to plant.




I Give Up

I do.Really I just give up.
I do not know what I ever did to deserve the hell I have been through in my life.
I married an abusive jerk and endured living hell for 17 years,was gifted with RA and Lupus( oh joy).
I finally got free from that hell and my lupus was quiet and I moved to Denmark.The next hell I was to endure.
I met a loving man that I married and we have 2 wonderful children but never fear the UDLST or Foreign Department would make living hell for us.
I used to love it here but now not so much.
After 2 years and many lies from UDLST and many mistakes on their part they have decided they want a copy of our rental contract.It is for a trial of one year and after that unlimited time.That is not good enough for them.They want unlimited now.So guess what?
We get to move AGAIN !!!!
I am packing pictures and things that mean something and I think I will just burn the rest.
I am tired and sad and angry.How dare they take this long to do their job(the processing time says 3 to 7 months) I applied in may 2009.
I am just tired of all the hoops we have to jump through and yet they don't care at all.
So for now I give up and they win again.Another nasty immigrant on her way out

Monday, April 11, 2011

It is SPRING !!!!!!!

Finally warmer temperatures are here and I am loving every minute of it.
BBQ's,potato salad,beans and burgers YUMMMMMMM.
We were invited over to friends for some bbq and outdoor fun this weekend.
We stayed outside most of the weekend and enjoyed the sun.








Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ultimate Blog Party 2011!

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

It is that time again and boy I could use a party ! Janice and Susan over at 5 Minutes for mom are hosting this awesome party.Be sure and join in and link up.They are giving away some awesome prizes again this year. Here is a list of prizes
Hi and Welcome !!!
I am Missie and I live in Denmark....psttt it is a long long way from south Texas where I come from.
I have 3 girls at home.Deanna is 18,Mackenzie is 7 and Makayla will be 3 on the 15th (woohoo tax day baby).
Anyhow I blog about lifes ups and downs in Denmark and with the Straarup's.
I blog about Lupus(this sucks) and immigration and well life abroad.
So stop by and leave a message.I love meeting new friends !

Friday, April 1, 2011

Wind and Rain...

I decided to take some time off....ok I didn't want to stop writing but gosh I have been beat.
Almost every day at the circus I mean hospital and trying to unpack.Crazy I tell you its crazy.
I have been folding and putting away clothes.Listening to Makayla get better at english and most of all enjoying my kidlets
I have been showing Salem the important things I do everyday besides childcare,laundry and cooking
Shopping in Germany for my favorite cereal.
And this is what we found we we got home from Germany last night