Friday, March 25, 2011

Drowning...gurgle gurgle

Do you ever feel this way ?
We lately we have.It seems we cannot catch a break E.V.E.R
First off I got a bad infection when sick people came to our house(old landlord showed it and did not respect the wear a mask request)
Second we moved with no help.We have or I should say HE has family here but no one is ever able to help(go figure).So poor Søren has been doing his best at going to work then moving until almost midnight then repeat the next day.
We are done moving but now comes the unpacking and organizing.
Next 2 steps back..because I have not been eating right and was sick and on antibiotics for 7 weeks,stress, etc my hemoglobin dropped way down and so did the iron.
The Dr's here are shall we say (and I will keep it clean) hard to deal with.They call and expect you to run right in.Thing is I don't understand most of them and they don't speak english even though the hospital claims there is always someone that does.They mis understand alot of stuff and mis communicate it to other Dr's resulting in many phone calls to me yelling at me and calling me a liar when in fact it was the Dr that made the mistake.
You will never ever ever get an apology though so don't hold your breath.
The Dr yesterday(and there is a new one every day) told me it was his job to "push me" into doing what they want even if I don't want the treatment (aka blood transfusion) when my hemo is on the way back above normal already.
Next fall of 50 zillion steps was we were going "Home" to Texas on vacation.I have not been home in 5 years and was looking forward to it.We have not had a family vacation in 4 years.It is difficult to go on one with only one salary.
But alas we had to move so no vacation for us.
It is times like this I miss my family more than ever.They want to help with the girls and help us out but they are so far away.
Neeeext is UDLST we still have NOT heard back.They said I wold get something right away when they got my new passport...well it has been 4 months and they wont even answer calls from my attorney.....sigh
I worry about Søren as he is taking it all on but he is awesome and we will make it.
The sun is out now and it is like a life saver so I hope we start swimming again as we truly need to or well I don't really know .....
I love this saying
We May Not Have it All Together but Together We have it All

I worry about Søren as he is taking it all on but he is awesome and we will make it

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