Friday, October 28, 2011

So a little update on KLM

KLM did pay for our expenses but this statement made me livid!!! Also the people at the desk in Hamburg did NOT reschedule for us.I had to call the Delta number we booked our original tickets with on my Danish cell phone from Germany to the USA(hello high as hell bill) it took over an hour but she got us on Air France for Friday.
Hello Melissa, further investigation shows the following. In booking X5KH6M of Soeren I found the following remarks of my colleagues >>


I kept my voice calm and cool the entire time and I am so proud of ME :)
Yes Soren needed an Esta and we got it by 5:30 and below is pictures of the boarding passes.IF and IF they had provided a wheel chair we would have made it and as for 9 pieces of luggage lamo
we had 4 paid seats.All had one carry on.I had a purse,hubby a camera bag and the little girls shared a bag of blankets and stuffies for sleeping.I mean total flying time was over12 hours. We went on Air France the next morning and no one said a word and then flew home Air France and no one said anything either.
I am still angry because of the desk workers from thursday because they robbed me of family time.
IF they had a wheelchair for me as needed and was on my reservation for weeks we would have made the flight.I would have NOT lost time for family gatherings.We had not been home in 5 years and we were limited on time since the kids are in school.It was expensive to fly and we lost time and didn't even get to see some family because we had arrived late.
I really wish those 3 people at that desk would just say sorry to us for acting like asses that day. For the record there was NO wheelchair the next day either and I was told " you can walk it as it is only a few minutes walk"
Here are some pictures showing we were cleared to board and that I DID pay for the stroller

baggage rules


PLEASE NOTICE THIS ONE as it says what I paid for the stroller and wheelchair. Maybe the ones working the desk need a refresher course in what the boarding pass says.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Friends Shopping and Food

October 16
We had a blast today.We drove to San Antonio (Thanks Mimi and Poppi for driving us )
And I got to meet 2 sweet Mamas and some great kiddos
The time is always to short and I hope we get to see each other soon !!!!!
October 17
Well today was a good day.We got our stroller and we had clean clothes.All is great in Texas.
We grocery shopped at Walmart and then went to Chilis for dinner.

The kids are a little miffed about the heat and sun so they still stay inside.
It is nice being home and the only thing that makes me sad is it over soon :(
The girls are loving being with Mimi and Poppi but I think the girls wear them out :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

A Series of Unfortunate Events in Travels

Update-Klm did contact me and make things good.

I really wanted to blog daily about our travels BUT since it went so bad the first few days I will combine them and then blog semi daily.
so here is the story of The Straarup Familys trip to Texas

October 13th
We got to the airport at 4 am and Soren dropped us off inside and left to park in long term parking. He gets back and we try and check and we cannot :(
He needs an ESTA
So he runs upstairs and gets it while I continue checking in.I repeatedly asked for the wheelchair and the woman had to be the one of the rudest I have ever met and kept tell me to WAIT.
She then blasted me about my FAA approved carseat and my stroller.
With Mack having back issues and Soren carrying everything we needed it.
So they say NO you must pay for it UGGHHHHH.I have always been able to gate check it before with KLM but not this time:(
So I pay and we are all ready.It is 5:30 am and the planes leaves at 6:10.
We have to go through security yet though.
So again I ask for my wheelchair and the I quote this is what he said "run or you wont be going" umm ok but WHERE IS MY CHAIR ??????
security was no hep either so we did the best we could.
We missed the plane :( well the gate by 2 minutes.
I cried. I want to be home with my Mom and Dad.
So we wait 2 hours for a wheelchair.In this time I call Delta since we bought our tickets from them.After 45 minutes of roaming airtime from Hamburg to the USA they say to go back and ask KLM what to do.Oh yippeee the rude mean people again.
2 more hours and they cannot help us.No flights for a week.
They were rude and I honestly could not believe it.I have never had trouble before.
So I call Delta again.After one hour they get us on flights for the next day via Air France..So now it is time get the luggage.Guess what is gone and has flown off alone. Our Phil & Teds Vibe.Oh joy .It will be delivered to Mom and Dads in Texas or so we think...
Now that is awesome but on a limited budget that means another hotel and expensive food.
So we go back to a hotel and wait.
Friday the 14th of October
We wake at 3:30 to get to the airport on time with 2 tired kids
Same rude people at the KLM desk oh yipppeee.
Same disagreement about the carseat but she says we can gate check it.Great becuase it is new and after the 700$ stroller going MIA I was glad for something going right.
So I ask again repeatedly for the wheelchair since it is in my reservations and again Miss Attitude and MR Jerk say wait and then get ugly to me.
Now any other time I would have lost my temper but I never did.I guess the chemo meds made you mellow.I never raised my voice even.
So again we just go wait by the wheelchair sing for a while but nothing.
So we go to security since it is 4 of us and again I ask her to call for the wheelchair.
she says and I quote " just walk it is only a few minutes" umm yea to a normal person.Not a person whose Dr has documented she can walk 100 feet on a good day.
So after 30 minutes or so we get there to the gate and wait.1:30 later some guy asks if I am Melissa and he has been looking for me and paging me...Hmmm we never heard a thing.Air France flight 2551 from hamburg attendants were awesome.They gate checked my carseat since they would not allow it on board and helped us greatly.There was a wheelchair waiting when we landed and she was very nice BUT
no carseat.They don't know where it is UGHHHHHHH.
So we get to the new plane with tired kids from walking ,you know because the stroller is gone and hubby is juggling 2 kids and carryons.
We get to the plane and they actually asked where Makayla's carseat was.Gone..we don't know etc . I was so sad to have to wrangle a 3 year old for 10 hours.
The flight went awesome and everyone was super nice on AF636
and then it happened.
Our worst nightmare EVER ....NO LUGGAGE,NO CARSEAT. I cry .the Air France desk was super nice and helpful.
Luckily I had ordered a new car seat for Mack and Makayla could use it until the next day and we would stop at the nearest store and get a cheap seat for Mack. With her Junior RA issues she really needed the seat Makayla was in.
It is also the law in Texas that she be in one.
Off to get underwear,deo,shampoo and diapers and the booster.
Was not to bad at a little over 100$
Oct 15
We were supposed to meet family today but we had no clothes and they promised our luggage today so we waited and waited and waited.
I called and called and they said in the afternoon. We had moved saturday stuff to sunday so we were inpatient. I was told times it would arrive.At 6 pm they said it was out for delivery....nothing .finally after many more calls saturday night we knew our luggage was NOT coming and nothing on the stroller either. We did have a nice day with Mom and Dad though
October 16th
I start calling first thing to find our clothes and carseat.
All they can tell me is sometime sunday.
Fine we get clothes on and travel to see family.
Now all along they told me that if we were gone they would redeliver so we were ok with that.
2:13 pm man calls "Mam we have luggage at the airport you can pick it up at any time.WHAT I am visiting the USA and you want ME to come get it !!!!!!!!
No sir please deliver it at 5 as we are not home now."
So we get home at 4:15 and there is a call at 3:10
"Mam we are outside with you luggage if you do not open the door you will have to come get it at the airport"
UGGGGGHHHHHHH no by this time my temper is getting up there.
So I call Air France and ask if this is common policy and she said no mam it is delivered.
So call the airport again.It is not their policy to re deliver.So if I want it come get it.
Call AF again and she is on the phone while the Airport calls and this nice little girl blames ME !!!!!
but they say the will redeliver sometime but no promises.
I had my mom take me for a change of clothes for all of us and pjs.
Later the things arrive but my carseat is trashed.It is broken. The headrest/harness adjuster is all bent and I do not think Britax will allow it to be used again.Thank goodness my sweet friend Amy let me paypal her the money to get one over nighted to me so we can at least visit family.
So all of our spending money has gone on hotels and clothes and carseats and a cheap stroller.
I hope on the way home they let us bring the FAA approved seats on board.
I have to say that will fly Air France again next week and we know that not all of the workers represent the whole company but man just a few can make you not want to go back again

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Walk in my Shoes

Do you have someone in your life that is the most judgmental person in the world?
I am so sick of people judging me on looks.I know I do not "look" sick but some days I can barely lift my head.If we have something to go to that day we cancel and sometimes I do not know days in advance if I am going to be sick.
So please if you know someone that is sick learn about their illness and try and be a friend.
Do you have any idea what chemo does to ones body? It makes you feel like crap.On top of feeling like crap it makes you so tired you can barely walk across the room.
I went to the Dr to get permission to travel and he has been talking with other Dr's here about my case.It seems my case of Lupus is non responsive.That means that the medications that should help me are not working and I keep getting infections and having more pain than any one person should.
I am so glad I get to go on this trip as it is a much needed one but I am looking forward to getting back and getting on the right meds to feel human again.
So if you know someone that is ill please walk with them and learn about what is making them so miserable before judging them

Monday, October 3, 2011

Grandparents Day

It was Grandparents Day at Makayla's school and I went so she would not be alone.
It was fun. We played games and then listened as they sang nursery songs and then showed off their artwork.
For a finale we had goodies they baked.




Here is 2 videos for you to enjoy