Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mackenzie is 6!!!

Mackenzie Annette Straarup aka Mack is 6 years old.Where oh where did time go.We went to the zoo for her bday and Farmor(Sørens mom ) joined us.Mack is an amazing kid.She loves books and modern technology.She can operate any computer or phone she gets her hands on.She speaks 2 languages fluently and can understand and speak some of a third.She is truly an amazing kid.


I really try and blog but I forget about it.I read others and they are so nice to read and then here is mine..blah.
Its that time of year where it is getting warm out and I love being outside.The sun and beach,I just love it.
I will try and move some pictures here to share with everyone.
This week will be a crazy one again.Monday is a holiday so everyone is home.Tuesday I have a hair appointment and then to get ready for an interview on thursday in copenahgen.My new stroller should arrive tuesday (Thanks Amy !!!) and we will use it satuday when we go to Legoland.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Long over due update

I know I know I keep saying I am going to keep up with this and dont do it.
Things are good here.Mackenzie started danish kindergarten on friday and so far is loving it.It is more like daycare where they learn what is expected in aug when school starts.The store is doing great and building up customers.I never really know what to write because I dont think people want to read about my boring life.