Saturday, January 29, 2011

Amber Jewelry

I found a huge long strand of Amber from my Father in Law and wanted to make some smaller necklaces from it.
So today we went to the hobby store and got some supplies and made some
We made 2 necklaces a bracelet and ankle bracelet.

Necklace and Ankle Bracelet



More Pictures from our Copenhagen Adventure

I love love love KFC
The Clock
GiGi and Zebrat needed some grooming

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I hate Liars

update with letter to UDLST
To Whom it may concern
I dont know who you have been talking to but it was not me or my family.
So to say you have talked with me about exemptions etc is a flat out lie.
I have no respect for liars and I do not think they deserve my respect.
If you would like to talk to me about my resident permit I have included
3 phone number on each letter I have written to you.
I dont understand how you can lie and hurt families and small children.
I think this behavior is well I wont type it.
Please stop hurting people and ruining lives before its to late

I had to wait to write this as I was/am livid.
So a newspaper article came out about my immigration problems and
I really wanted to believe they(UDLST) would say sorry for messing up and making you miserable.
But nope no way instead they lie lie lie.They have denied me then sent me a card then wanted it back.How is that a clear NO??
Then they said they have been in contact with me on exemptions etc....
I think the tinfoil hats they are wearing need replacing.They called one 1 ONE time and said they would only give me 6 months and hung up.So who ever they have been talking to was not me.
They do so much spinning its not even funny.It will always be NO but wait its not what is it?
I honestly am done..over this place and will be moving on.I am tired of the lies and waiting and BS they dish out.
They are treating people like dirt and breaking up families and they just dont give a crap and I don't either any more

Monday, January 24, 2011

Friday Road Trip

We went to Copenhagen to see a lawyer friday.I have a good feeling and I really hope he can help us.I really do like living here in Denmark but the laws need some serious revamping.
I really love what E says Here

This is where my home is and I WANT to stay.

ok enough of that and on to some pictures.I recently found places on Facebook on my phone and boy did I have fun with it.






Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Feeling Better

I feel a little better today but still not having much hope things will change.
A very nice reporter was here yesterday and a photographer and we talked about "OUR STORY"
You know the storys that when some one tells it to you and you sit back and think "Man there is no way this can be happening to someone/family" Yea thats the one.Well it is "OUR" story.
It was there on the table in a stack of papers.
Our heartache our future.Uncertain as to where we will be going.
At one point I was crying and I hope I hid it well enough.I did not want anyone to really see all the pain in me but it is hard not to let it show.
I know we will be ok,we have to be and we will be a family even if we have to be seperated for a short time.I will not let these stupid laws break us.
I have been through to much in my life to let this beat me.
Yes it hurts me,my husband and our girls but we will make it.
Like Mack says "Never fear Mommy Zebrat is here !"
I called my mom and talked to her and if nothing else works for us we wil go back to Texas.
I dont want to as Denmark is my "HOME" now and I really do want to stay here even if they dont want me.I can forgive them for the hurt and pain they caused us.
and now off to rest as I used to many spoons yesterday.
Here is The Spoon Theory

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Important Stuff

Is close at hand just in case.
the girls are ready with the important things.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Look we really do smile :)

Mack made this note for my parents in Texas


Friday, January 14, 2011

Some good things now

Mack started her new school this week and this is what she came home with the first day

She also wants to be a Derby gal now and was excited to show off her helmet (she forgot she had )

and her Zebra shirt and tutu daddy made


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Here we go again...


So here we are again.Packing up our lives...but where are we going?
I have no clue.I am to the point where I just don't feel like worrying anymore.
Thank you UDLST for making me miserable and for making our children come in the night to see if I am still here because you want me to leave.
Do you know the damage it is causing???? and better yet do you care?
Last night as I was crying and wondering where we are going I started reading the UDLST page.
It says processing time 6 months hmmm may 2009 until may 2010 is most certainly a year.
If they had been on top of things and read all the medical records we sent in and papers and done their job I would have been granted a permanent residency and would be settled but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
They drag their feet (but by golly we better not be 1 second late turning something in to them) so now its almost 2 years later and new fees that are causing me to close my business and pack up just in case we have to leave quickly.
Some tell us to stay and fight...but why should I.I have to pay to complain and re apply a lawyer etc and of course live in limbo for who knows how long.
I am tired and I honestly don't know if I have the fight left in me.
It is also hard to explain to our kids why we are stressed and crying alot.
I know things will work out in a way that is best for me,Søren/our family but damm it is hard living like this.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Gates Are Closed

Now go away you nasty immigrant....

This is the feeling I get after all the things that have been released by the news papers concerning immigration to Denmark.
It is the same feeling all immigrants and their spouses feel as well.
We are being punished for loving someone that is an immigrant.
but wait they want us to pay to work FEES LIST
here.Then pay taxes etc but get nothing for our work.No medical nothing.
I dont have a problem getting medical but come on dont make me pay high taxes to fix your social mess.I didnt make it.I did not take any money from the govt.
I was failed and was not allowed to continue Danish classes so I could not get a job so I opened my own business...oh wait you want my taxes from that plus I will need to pay a fee to own a business.
My kids are scared Mommy is going to be carted off and not be back.
I was in a very abusive marriage for 17 years and you know what..this feels just like that.You dont know what is coming next.
I have been here 9 years and was so excited to apply one last time in 2009 and to never have to worry about it again.
I have applied several times for temp residency and each time it takes them a YEAR to decide.In this time we live in limbo.Do we buy a do we make long term plans in life?
This time has by far been the worse waiting period.Apply ..wait..get answer freak out..appeal..get resident card..whew life is good...BAM sorry it was mistake give us back the card (no way in hell)
Now you get to live in limbo and for all the trouble we have caused you we might give you residency for 6 more months.
I dont think I have much fight left and if I fight what or where will it get me?
I know this is alot of mixed up babble but I need to get it there.
I really wish we could get a place like Christiana and all live in peace and harmony and be good to each other no matter where you come from