Friday, March 30, 2012

Moving Adventures 2012

WOW it has started.
This week wednesday Adam's Transport was here to pack us up.They were very fast about it and almost to fast.They packed some things that should not have been and we had to search them out.One was Makayla's Gigi and the other was my carry on.They packed the whole bag.I was glad I realized it wednesday night before they put it all in the container since it had our passports in it as well as other important stuff.
They packed the container thursday morning and put it on a boat in the afternoon to the USA.
We are excited and a little scared but it will be fun.The girls are ready to see family again and speak english full time.I will update as things move along.
These are the pictures of 11 years of things that we as a family have. They will float in that container on the ocean on a huge ship for 8 weeks.
Thanks Adams and Allied for making this easy.