Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Dear Deanna

wow it has been 18 years.....
You have been many places and seen many things in your life.
I have so many things to say yet I do not know HOW to say them.
You have been my Barney loving baby that now loves vampires.I am proud to say I introduced you to them :)
You have gone from a small town girl to a world traveled young woman.
We have our ups and downs and further downs but we have our good times and I want to believe you listen(sometimes anyway).
I am proud of the things you want to do in life and see the hardships of others around you and see the hardships of what they went through.
My Miss Deanna you can be a real pain in the behind but we(Søren and family) love you..I Love You and do not ever forget that.
No matter what happens or what you do we are here..shoulders,ears no matter what path you choose.We will be here for what ever you need as you embark on the new travels that await you.
It makes me beam with pride that you are of legal age to drink and you choose NOT to.
It makes me beam with pride that even though all other teens are having babies you do NOT want any for a long time.
It makes me beam with pride that you want to further your education.
I think you have what it takes and you know what you want so go for it.....
Little Miss




Deanna's cake

Where I have been...

I did not blog about what I was doing last week because of a nosy teenager :)
It was fall break and Deanna was just home from Ireland and we had a lot to do which is very hard with Makayla
around.She did have an awesome time and I will blog her pictures later this week.
Mack went to her Farfar's for a few days and had a blast so she says.They went to a small zoo and saw zebras.
I on the other hand was trying to get a surprise party all done for Deanna.
It was awesome.We had about 15 people and lots and lots of food and cake.
On a good note my Lupus seems to be in remission wooohooo and I am all about cleaning and getting rid of un-needed junk in our home.
More to come ....

Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday all Ready !!!

ok so I have been in a Tribe Building Event over at SITS
and I am having alot of fun.I love meeting new people and doing fun things.The guest blogging is taking me out of my comfort zone but I need to build some confidence :) I am sure this will help.
I am also having a guest blogger here on friday as well.I cannot wait to see what she has for us.

I also wanted to share an old post since I have some new friends.It is how I met my Hubby.
Love this.
If there is anything else about this geeky family you would like to know feel free to ask.

Time is Flying

I cannot believe where the year has gone.Fall break starts today and then the next break is Christmas.
Deanna made it home safely this morning and is still asleep now.Her sisters woke her up promptly at 6 am to say Hi.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


My oldest (here at home ) went to Ireland as a school trip.Man I wish we did school trips like that when I was in high school.
Anyhow she comes home friday morning at 3am.I have missed her...well as much as you can miss siblings fighting.
I am excited to see what she has seen and what she has been doing there.
She did say 9 young men got sent home for misbehaving...I dont envy them at all.

She is pretty excited about all the places she has been since she moved here from Texas.Germany,Sweden,Germany again and a ski trip to Norway.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

MIA but Back

So I have been MIA.Last week Deanna left for Ireland and will be gone until friday.It was crazy getting her ready to go but we managed.
We don't get out alot in winter since it is so cold here but saturday was perfect weather so off we went to play in the forest.The weather was nice and sunny and just perfect.We played then went into town and took the girls to l Lands End on the harbor and then for hot chocolate and ice cream.
We spent the rest of the day watching Glee :)
These were my favorite pictures of the day.




Thursday, October 7, 2010

More Fall Colors

We went out to the hospital today for Macks back and she is tired of people here calling her by her middle name so she did not answer them.I have to laugh because we tell them her name and they still call her by her middle name .Anyhow the trees were so pretty there I had to get some pictures.




and then she was after those Angry Birds.She said the pigs were teasing her lol

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Favorite Time of the Year

I love love love fall.The colors are a changing and cold weather.I miss Halloween in the states but we try and do our own thing here :)