Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow baby

Here is our snow baby and her big sister

Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow and more snow and ..

more snow.I used to like snow but now I am growing very tired of it.Mack how ever loves it and since they called us at lunch to get her since they closed the school here is what she did.
and that is her snow lady

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday Funny

Copied from a friend
Last night, my kids and I were sitting in the living room
and I said to them,
'I never want to live in a vegetative state,
dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle.
If that ever happens, just pull the plug.'

They got up, unplugged the Computer, and threw out my wine.

They are such asses ...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Macks newest creation

Seriously this girl love to sew and make things.
Yesterday she brought home this
It is a pencil bag made from an old tire and material.It amazes me what she designs

Monday, January 25, 2010

A New Week

Today was a great day.The sun was out,I am feeling good and my Kindle arrived
I am so loving it.The sun ya know that big orange in the sky it was out.No really it was.Our temps have so freaking cold and yes it was in the 20's today with wind chills in the single digits but I did manage to go out for just a few minutes.
I got the Kindle like I mentioned and I am loving it.I have it charging and my first book on it.My BFF got me a sweet leather cover for it.
I will post some pics of things tommorow since I have to clean up my computer in order to get them here.
All in all it has been a great day

Friday, January 22, 2010

Coming Together

Things are coming together around here.My leg is feeling pretty good and not much swelling at all.
We are almost done unpacking woooohooo.
There is light at the end of the tunnel.I just hope it is not a train...
Anyhow we are still looking for another place since we seem to attract landlords from hell.
I must say I am looking forward to February and all the good things I just know it will bring.
I miss my blogger friends and really need to catch up

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

White Wednesday

It snowed here again today and the wind blew...very white outdoors.
I am so ready for some sun and green but I dont see that happening by the forecast.
On a better note my knee is awesome.It doesnt really hurt and I am up and about doing things and not crabby at all..ok maybe a little but not as much.The pain is so little as compared to before.
So now that things are better and we are settling in I promise to not whine unless it includes wine and cheese and stuff.
Thanks to all my bloggy friends and Mrs Amy and Katrina and Kim for being there

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Terrific Tuesday!

So I had surgery and it went awesome!!! I am so glad they could just clean it up and send me on my way.Well almost :)
We went to the right/wrong place first and I was not on the list of surgery patients so they had to find me.I was moved to the admitted section.They took me to "my" room.OMG it was awfull.It smelled so bad.I seriously think they people were smoking in the room.Needles to say I didnt stay there.
After recovery I asked how long I had to stay and they said I could leave after well you know I went potty.I downed a Coke in 3 seconds flat and went potty.
Ok so now what I am ready,I had to eat and get release papers and by 1 I was on my way home.Wooot
I slept in my bed last night and that was better than the chair.
So today I am in my chair until everyone leaves and then I have to vaccum.I cannont stand the floor.I am feeling much much better.
So my quote of the day is
If life gives you lemons.. all you have to do is add tequila and salt ;)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Bad String of Events

So yesterday we are cleaning and doing laundry etc getting ready for me to be out of comission for a week or so and got a big scare.Makayla holds food in her mouth so we try and be very careful and make sure she chews it all.
I was eating some mini meatball soup and sharing with Makayla.I thought she was done as she had a drink after.
Well she took some clothes that I am trying to list for sale and ran away.Hubby chased her down and took them away.
I heard her fuss and footsteps.Hubby went back to his computer and was reading or something(not paying attention).
I heard Makayla behind me and turned and called to her because her lips were BLUE.....
I just up and called to her again and she fell face first on the floor.
I was so scared but everyone else was just sitting there.
I picked her up and out her back to be and she was so limp..
arms dangling etc.I had her stomach on my arm and just hit her in the back.I have RA and let me tell you it hurt me like hell but after to smacks my baby hurled a meatball and was crying.
I have 6 kids ..yes 6 and this one is going to give me more gray that any of the others have.
Thank goodness I am not one to panic
I am not ready to lose my miracle baby yet

Friday, January 15, 2010

Insane much

Do kids earn things anymore? Like doing extra chores or get a job?
I have thinking about this more and more with all the things kids get.
I saw this on a forum I visit
"9 year old neighbor child told me all the wonderful gifts Santa Claus brought her. Laptop, with scanner and printer, IPOD touch, bicycle, cellphone with separate keyboard for texting, American Girl doll with assorted accessories." At 9!!! Seriously.I personaly think thats a bit insane.It also brings to the front that I know of a 17 year old who thinks she is above doing chores.Like in a family of 5 where Mom cannot do it all.The teenager is to load the dishwasher and clean the kitchen after dinner and wipe off the table and on occasion help with other things...Sometimes they help but most time mom has to end up cleaning the kitchen the next day.
So back to wanting everything.Teenager want a Kindle and was told no.They then stomp off and slam doors.When asked why they need this its because they dont want to wait for the books at the library....umm ok.So you dont have a job and you want a kindle,just how will you buy the books? No answer
I am all for getting kids stuff and my kids have a alot but all at once and so young.It just seems like a lot for a small kid

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pre-Op Stuff

So today I was to go to the Rheumy but it was to cold and icy out for the long drive.So here I sit being a tad bit lazy.Tomorrow I have to go to the hospital for all the fun pre-op stuff for monday.I wish I didnt have to go but alas I do.We will be busy until then unpacking boxes yippeee and relaxing a bit.
It is so cold out and snow...I have never ever seen this much snow or been this cold for so long.I am really looking forward to spring.
I think now I will go read some tips on how to make my blog better :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

So one week

So it is a little over one week into the new year and things are going so so.It is so freaking cold.It is so cold that I looked at the thermometer today... it said to stay the &*$# inside!!
So onto other things.I was asked if I reply to tweets and comments on my blog...I try really hard to.If people take the time to comment or tweet to me it means they care in some way.I like to see what people say and I love to read other blogs and comment.Lately it has not been as easy to read and comment but I am working on it.I also think it is respectful to comment to my friends.
It is also true that some of my best friends live in my computer

Friends Graphic #22 | Friends | Forward this Picture
I miss having family and friends close especially now that I am having surgery.I mean no one helped us move and know it gets lonely.
I miss my Mom and Dad alot but we do talk everyday since I have a VOIP line with a Texas number..its free :D
Man this post is alot of back and forth so I am done for now

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I just dont know...

Who I pissed off to get treated like this.I mean really.
So the lowdown is this(incase you have not allready had the pleasure of hearing me says some not so nice words allready about this situation)
First of September the little girls have colds(snotty,coughing)
We had a trip scheduled for Germany and decide to go ahead and go.The girls are great and no more snotty noses or coughing.We return home and they promptly get sick again...
We had a trip scheduled to Sweden in mid October and we go ahead and go and hope for the best.The girls get better and we had a great time.
We get home and there is a funky smell but we cannot find it.The girls get sick AGAIN...
We look and look and I was getting a hat for Makayla and boom found the smell..
MOLD and lots and lots of it.
Take her back to the dr and he says its the mold making them sick.We start looking for a house right away since the landlord we had is a Jerk(that is a nice word for him).
We find a place that is perfect.4 bedrooms,one floor and a place for my store next to it.We rent it all.Old landlord is being a Jerk and we start moving early(the 18th) into the new place.There is lots and lots of snow and cold weather but Deanna and Søren move all they can everyday.We only have a station wagon and had rented a small trailer.
So new landlord shows up New Years Eve and wants us to sign a new contract saying we will move by October 1st WHAT???????
No way.We are not even finished moving in.Its not my fault that the buyers want the house now.We have rights to ya know...
So then he tells us that some other people are going to look at the house the 6th(yesterday)
They came and were ever so sweet and kept saying over and over again how sorry they were.You see there are boxes every where.They had no clue we were just moving in.Then the landlord says gosh you guys have alot of stuff...
So now we are looking for a new place while DH applies for his Green Card and then USA bound (we hope)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Lemonade Award

I just got this award from Keli over at askthegraminator
Thanks Keli I have never ever won anything :)
With this award, you must thank your giver, link to their blog, list five things about yourself and then pass it on to five more people.

1.I love love love to cook.

2.I iron all our clothes(no underwear,socks,sheets,etc) just pants and shirts.

3.I moved to another country(I was born and raised in Texas)

4.I love walking on the beach.

5.I miss peanut buttter.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday monday

Ahhh a monday worth waiting for.It was so silent and peaceful.I love my kids but I am so so glad they went back to school today.I however just unpacked and well packed...some day I hope it ends...someday
Anyway Deanna was back at school and Makayla at daycare and they both loved it.Mackenzie said good bye to her old friends and teacher and moved on to her new school.She really enjoyed it and wants to go to after school care tomorrow.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Just because

I think this is so dang cute....

First post of 2010

It is cold again and snowing.I love watching it fall but do not like driving in it at all.I think we are settling in here and almost done moving from the old place(note to self.."Self do not move in december or during the holidays or snow again")
I will be so glad to be done.I cannot wait to show the pics of the new place once we are all unpacked.
I wanted to share some gifts I/Søren got this holiday season from some friends of ours.As always Amy makes me smile and she got me this
Søren got this in an exchange on the Ju Ju BePinkRoom They are from Cassandra and she and I are new (2009)friends