Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Makayla aka Tax Day Baby

DSC_1791 DSC_1795 DSC_1822

 Oh what a 5 years it has been my little miracle. You wake with a smile. You make everyone you come in contact with smile and that makes me so happy. I love how the little things make you happy. You have blessed our lives so much. My tractor loving little diva. Your party was awesome with your John Deere cake and a special guest Morgan :) We love you stinky baby.

   Mommy and Daddy

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I Did It !

I loved watching people walk/run 5K's while I lived in Denmark. It looked like fun to get dressed up funny and then blasted with color or mud etc. I vowed when I went into a wheel chair for everything over 300ft I would someday walk a 5K. When we moved back in April 2012 I was in ready set go mode. I have had many setbacks in the last year and it has been SOOOOOO maddening but guess what I DID IT I DID IT. I did not do a 5K but rather a 3K. We joined Color Me Rad and it was to benefit the East Tennessee Children's Hospital so I was determined to go. The bone infection was healed so I had been working,crying,walking and dealing with severe plantar fasciitis. If you do not know what that is well let me tell you it HURTS. Every step I take brings tears to my eyes but I sucked it up and walked. I was the last one along with my mini band of gypsies but we walked and got Oh So colorful hehe. It was great and I have been working hard so I only need Zeus and not the stupid chair( I will always need it from now on but I can hope right ?) Now to introduce Zeus . He is my service dog and is out being trained. We cannot wait for him to come home. CTYS13_05_04638 CTYS13_05_01093 IMG_4660 IMG_4648 DSC_1776 IMG_4598

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Memphis in January

We had to go to Homeland Security in January for a meeting and while we were there we went a few more places. We went to see Elvis Mansion and of course the Zoo. We have a Giraffe named Elvis now ( go figure). Soren of course danced in the streets at The Hard Rock Cafe as well. It was a great trip and Deanna went along to help out. So all in all in was a good trip until.... that dang police man gave me a ticket for not moving when he had his lights on and was on the side of the road. Oh well such is life :) I learned about a new law and will be obeying it from now on. IMG_4235 DSC_1226 IMG_4265 IMG_4270 Elvis IMG_4278

Sunday, April 14, 2013

What a Year it has been.

Wow time sure does fly ! The girls and I arrived in Houston Texas on April 3rd 2012. I/We knew it would be hard since we had to leave Soren behind but we did it. we spent Easter with family and the girls enjoyed Easter Egg Hunting. We went to Corpus Christi and the girls met some of my school friends and enjoyed the water. We then went to Austin to see my cousin Lisa and Carlos and met up with Mandy as well. Mackenzie got to see the Capital in Austin and was excited to see it.In late may we started off on our adventure to Tennessee. We stayed in Dallas for about a week. We met some great internet friends while there and went to the Dallas Zoo. Mimi and Pops came to to Dallas to go with us on our road trip. It took 2 days but was so easy to drive. The girls have been to the Gulf and dipped their feet.We met alot of awesome people in Dallas and went to the Dallas Zoo. They went swimming outdoors and love the water. They have been in Catholic Private School and could not be happier. There have been some obstacles and sad things happen but it is mostly good things.exciting.The best part of the last year was Soren getting permanent residency in the USA. Happy One Year Anniversary !