Monday, March 14, 2011

Dear Foreigners

This was in a newspaper

I copied this from ThisIndonesian

Dear foreigners,

You are not welcomed in Denmark.

It’s not because we have something against you personally.

We are modern and open-minded people.

It’s just so difficult, so difficult that you are coming and want to live with us here.

Because you are different, you forced us to look at ourselves.

You force us to look at ourselves and the way we live our lives and

You chose to show us that there’s another way to live our lives and believe in other values than ours.

If it weren’t for you and your belief, we wouldn’t be worried or think about our own, because it’s something that we don’t want to look at or even know about.

Because we’re happy and satisfied people, just like we are now.

We are small country, we are doing great. We like coffee and cheese sandwich and sometimes shawarma.

It’s not that and we’ve always been like that.

Remember that it’s nothing personal. We have nothing personal against you or your family no matter where in the world you come from.

I am sure you are very friendly and if we get to know each other, it’s not impossible that we’d become friends.

But you’re just so different and we don’t even want to think about all the things that follow when you receive a visit from a stranger.

So, stay away.

Thank you

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