Sunday, March 20, 2011

Amazing Treatment or NOT

So I had to go to the Dr on thursday as I have a lingering infection(thanks to little clown and his disrespect)
So my last hemoglobin was 5.2 I was not to worried as it is always low.
On thursday however my Dr (whom I just love) called less than an hour after I left very concerned as it had dropped in 2 weeks to 4.6.
He wanted me hospitalized to get scans,xrays what ever to find out the cause.If it was internal bleeding that was going unnoticed to something else more concerning.
I went to the hospital as directed on Friday morning.Go in stand and wait and wait while they all pass me by and asking little old men what they need.
Finally Søren comes up and he goes to get someone and they put me in a room with a bed from the 1920's because you know with my condition I can hand crank a bed etc.
I wait and wait and a lady from the lab comes in to take blood and do a EKG
and oxy check.EKG and OX check are fine.
A young dr comes in a examines me and makes my kidneys hurt explains they will do tests etc.
They did one unpleasant one and no bleeding.
So I am laying in this rock hard bed listening to the nurses talk about me in danish..HA they think because I dont speak danish I dont understand how they are discussing me and my case.All the while these other 2 patients are hacking away and on oxygen.
One lady even calls several friends to tell them she has pneumonia.Great.Soren went and asked and they told him it was ok for me to be there as I had a little white count...(I am on chemo and have an auto immune disease)
The nurse comes back and by this time I am furious.Everyone else gets a snack served by a nurse and I am skipped.Dammit I am hungry to..Oh Well
Anyway she comes back and says they will do another blood draw in the after noon and then monday do another one ...ummm what about tests and the weekend.Well I am to just stay there and wait..Oh no I am not.
If they are going to treat me like this no way am I staying .
Why do they have to treat people like shit there.My Dr was abviously concerned or he would not have sent me there.
I am supposed to go back there monday am but I am going to my dr first.
If I want to be treated like a door mat or piece of poo I will get out the welcome mat and plastic bags


Becky Fyfe said...

I'd have left too. No way should you have been in a room with sick people!

Mary said...

I would've told them how impolite it was to talk about patients out loud. They understand English, so they shouldn't assume you don't understand Danish (whether or not you really do!). I definitely would've left, too.

TxMissie said...

Mary I did say something and alot of them dont understand english since they are from other places but I will report them.IT is more fun :)

Soshayna said...

Oh Missie! I am sorry you had to go through that. I hope your doctor can help you out without you having to be exposed to more sickness...hugs!