Friday, March 4, 2011

Soooooo do I look like a YoYo

Here is a quote from a letter I received
"I have talked with Udlændingestyrelsen and they say that you have to pay the application fee if you apply for an extension. I don't believe that you fall under the exemptions since they apply to the Danish spouse being ill, not the foreign spouse.

In Udlændingestyrelsen they couldn't say how long you can stay. I think its because they have granted you the right to stay without any clear grounds (legal basis). When you look at the law there is no such thing as "although your residence permit has expired you can stay here legally for now because we made a mistake". Your situation simply doesn't fall under the normal categories. I think they expect you to file for the extension soon and if not they will probably start the procedure of deporting you."
Seriously !?!?!!?
I applied in 2009 before any of the points system was up etc and yet they wont close one out and then start over.I cannot tell you how people react to my case and everything that has happened.I usually get "
Are you serious?
How can all this happen to one family?
Well let me show you my paper work.
I have been asked if I WANT to stay here.I do
I like it here and I want my kids to grow up where it is safe BUT
I dont want them to grow us racist or treating people like second class citizens because of where they came from.
I just wish the powers that be in UDLST would let the people that want to be married and live together be happy.
I sat here the other night thinking about "Danish" families going on holiday etc.
We don't go anywhere because of the "what if's"
What if the UDLST decides I need to talk to them on friday and we left on thursday for a holiday.
What if we go away for a few days and they give me 48 hours to leave...

What if they just say we are sorry for failing to allow you to take Danish classes...
What if they say we are sorry but we did not actually read your medical papers...
I spoke with 2 reporters yesterday and I am hoping more coverage helps
One can still have hope when they took the rest away

What if they say we are so sorry for causing you mental stress and your children and husband and we will let you stay..
What is a frog had wings he would not go around bumping his ass on the ground(just a funny to lighten the post :)

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