Thursday, December 25, 2008

score one for mom and dad

ok so Deanna always guesses her gifts so we tricked her.I wrapped her camera is pooh paper and put Makyala's name on it.So last night they seperated the gifts and opened everything.I knew the camera was missing so I just waited.Deanna tells Mack to open Makayla's things and so starts opening them.The first one was a camera stuffed in wine box.Mack was so excited she screams "OMG Mommy look Santa got Stinky a icon!!!!"(its a nikon) Deanna starts crying thinking Santa really brought the baby a camera and not her.Of course we are all rofl :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Makaylas 8 month checkup


She is weighing 8.1 kilos or 17.8 lbs and is 71cm or 27.9 inches.She has had major growth spurt.She has 2 teeth with another 4 coming in soon( as in we can see the white and they just need to break skin)
She is sitting for just a few minutes alone and she can do the belly crawl anywhere she wants to go.She is an awesome baby and sleeps 12 hours at night and still taking 2 naps a day woohoo

Monday, December 22, 2008

This is my new online store.I never knew just how much work it is.We wanted to have it done a month ago but we are just now finishing it up.I am sharing my love for Ju Ju Be diaper bags and Bumbo seats and Zoobies.I am hoping to have Pedipeds in stock soon as well

Wow its almost christmas

It has been a busy few weeks.The kids were sick and shared it with me and I managed a sinus infection.I am better now thank goodness.We have had guests over for the last 4 days and I am enjoying the family time we have before it starts again.Tommorow we will be baking and making reindeer food and preparing for a nice dinner on wensday evening.I am also busy taking some online photo classes so all is good.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Very Thankful

I usually get sad this time of year because of families being together etc.This year I am thankful for everything I have.We have had a so/so year but many others have had a really bad year.I am thankful for Makayla and that we both survived,my awesome husband who treats me like a queen.Deanna is doing great and Mack is learning and growing like a weed.My parents were able to visit after Makayla was born so I did see them this year.I hate being away from them but I love where we live.With all the health issues and job loss and financial things happening I ma just grateful for what we have
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Sunday, December 7, 2008

The girlies

are recovering,I think.Mack has no fever right now and Makayla is sleeping.They both sound awfull but I hope they will be better by next weekend.Our busy time starts then and it should be crazy until the holidays are over.

Merry Christmas and Happy holidays

We have been hard at work getting all the holiday things put up.Last weekend we put up the tree and and it smells so good.I will post some pics of it later.Today we made banana bread for the teachers at Macks daycare.She wont be going back until after the new year,that will be another post.I love the holiday season with all the smells of baking goodies and tress and lights.Its all so pretty