Saturday, July 30, 2011

A little update on Deported UDLST

I received notice from my lawyer in April that I was given a resident permit for 5 years.Yea odd huh.I want to think they feel bad for all the crap they caused in our life but I know that is not the case.So I sign the little card and send it back ASAP and wait..and wait and wait.I finally called them as did my Lawyer and they seem to have lost the card or it was damaged when something happened at the plant(I am guessing lost it) I was told it was on the way.Then
weeks ago I get a NEW card and they need NEW pictures because it is gone,lost,mia and if I want my card I have to send all new pictures etc.
So now I am playing the waiting game AGAIN.
This all started in May/June 2009 and I am still waiting.
The good thing is the kiddlets are not keeping a bag packed anymore and are thriving in their new German school.

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Good The Bad and The who knows :)

Lets see
Lets start with the good

The kids are awesome and wishing for summer weather.I don't think we will get any before school. Makayla is talking to much more but is suffering from dental issues due the all the meds I was on.The mommy guilt is full on but I can not help it but blame my disease.
Mack got a sweet hair cut and looks so much older.
Soren is glad he is on holiday I think( ok maybe not since his to do list is very long)
We are glad to have him home anyway.

Me...oh boy you might want to grab a drink :)
My meds are not working which is common after being off for so many
months.They seem to have worked on the lower body but not upper.
So this week I got a shot in my shoulder(this is so not fun esp when hitting bone) .It did not help so that means the padding is gone in between the shoulder and collar bone and more.It would not be so bad but it is my right shoulder and I am right handed.I shift gears in the car and use it alot.Well I did anyway.
Immigration....I got permission to stay in april and send in my card and picture thingy and guess what they LOST it yeaa no big surprise there.So now I have to have new pictures made and send it in again...

More good is we are a happy family and we love each other and will enjoy the next 2 weeks .





Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Girls Birthday Party

The girls had an awesome party.The theme was Safari and fun was had by everyone. I think the party day was the best day of the year.The weather was awesome. Ericka made the cakes again and of course they were a hitHere are a few pics