Wednesday, September 30, 2009


It has been a crazy week already.So much inventory coming in and now its cold...I am cleaning in front of the fireplace and hubby brought wood in.Yesterday Soren (DH) and Miss Mack had a daddy/daughter afternoon.They went biking and biked over 5 miles..go Mack.
I am so excited for this time of year.Cold weather,fires,baking,and the colors are so pretty.

Friday, September 25, 2009

This week has gone so fast

I have been wrapping up call backs and orders from the show in Germany and it has been busy.I love all the new things coming in.I hope the store really takes off.
On another note Makayla stayed all day at daycare and even napped.I really really love where she goes.They treat her like I would and she seems to love being there...of course until we show up.She goes hereThey love StinkyTomorrow afternoon we are going to a party there with the other parents and kids.I am excited to meet some other moms here.You wonder why it is so exciting well I dont speak danish so I sometimes hibernate but Kim and Kate are awesome and the kids are to and I love making new friends.
Mack is having asthma issues this week again and it sucks.Tomorrow she has horse riding lessons again.She loves riding and I hope it is helping her back issues but with the amount of crying about her hips and back lately I am not so sure.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It is fall!!!!!

Yippeeee.I am so excited for fall.I love the colors and I love the yummy foods that are made this time of the year.I am really sad that my parents dont get to see the colors we have( must get more pics).
We are almost back to normal after our trip and now making contact with the new companys we talked with.I wish I could just combine some stuff and make this the store blog to.Oh well.I am so excited to add these..They have so many and its hard to decide.Look at these---> We added these to and This is really nifty and more cloth diaper choices.

Anyhow back to the geeks.Life is getting better and well we will rock on so stay tuned :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Where we have been

We are in Koln/cologne Germany.We are here for a trade show called Kind &Jugend.It is a major trade show for kids.we saw so many things and so many people.I made some new friends and look at Miss Mack hanging out with Mr.Joe( mr ju ju be) as she calls him

and here is Ms.Katie(international sales) and Mr.Joe again.

It has been a great mini holiday as the girls are along.I am sorry to see it end but I am ready to get home.The girls have done really well being away from home.Makayla has been excellent and sleeping very well but waking at 6 like usual.
Check for some updates tomorrow.I am to tired to type

Friday, September 11, 2009

TGIF !!!

It is friday again and I sure hope things are changing.We went after my meds yesterday and to the zoo and it was nice fall weather.I love this time of year.Saturday Mack has riding lessons and then we will clean out rooms to move...where we dont know yet as things change so often.It feels like a roller coaster and I will update soon.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

OMG colors are changing

already!!!I cannot believe fall is here already.Today Grandma was buried and I am still a bit of a mess but doing better :)
On other news I think we have decided to move stateside.We have nothing holding us here and well I miss my family.I want to be "home" again so we are starting the process of moving.Cleaning out and getting rid of everything including my car.It is a process and I and ready for it now.
I have talked to Mack long and hard about how her life will change once we move and how different it will be.Her desire is to shop at night...Silly kid
anyhow as more news is available I will post it

Saturday, September 5, 2009

RIP Grandma

tonight is hard really really hard

Next week is going to be better ...

I just know it.Not only is my Grandma knocking on deaths door but we lost our house.This is after a certain someone promised to make it happen.We were told each step on the way that it would be ours.
Well in between the time we made the offer and it finalized they changed there minds since hubby is now unemployed.So the person that said not to worry go ahead and bid,sign final papers and pay the down payment failed.I mean FAILED...I am more hurt that this happened.So no new house no new store no new stove.Do you think the stove would look good in our bedroom j/k of course.
I have been through so many emotions and kleenex this week it is unreal but alas the week is ending.
Next week will be awesome.I know it will be better and we are deciding what to do next..move stateside or stay here.

Elizabeth Pokluda

My Grandma is the most awesome and strongest woman I know.I spent alot of time with her,even into my adulthood.She could make the best chicken and dumplings ever and when I was home last time she made them for me.She was always baking or making something from food to quilts.I even moved close to her after I had kids.We lived in the same town and I saw her often.She loved gardening and canning foods and I loved helping her.She was always there for me to lean on and lean I did.Grandma always treated me with the upmost respect and loved me more than ever no matter what choices I made in live and believe me I made some really bad onesHere is some of her work
She made awesome quilts and the one behind Jeremy is mine.This picture is from 2003 at her 90th birthday party and these are 4 of my children.
She is being moved to hospice and I hope she is not in pain.
I love you Grandma

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Grandma
here is a story they did on her.She is going to hospice tommorow and I am sad but treasure the memories