Sunday, February 27, 2011

New House

Whew we have a new place.It is right on the border and the Landlords seem to like us.I hope so as we really like the place.After the ones we have had before I think we deserve a nice one.We are the first renters in it after being totally remodeled and very excited about it.
I hope the stress level goes down a bit after we move.We are packing like fools as we want to move asap..
I really really hope it doesnt snow.
Here are a few pictures and we have a proper bathroom WOOOOHOOOOO








Friday, February 25, 2011


Yup I am stressed.
Whaaaaat you didn't know that.
Well yes,yes I am but because I am so stressed my Lupus is riding high.
High white count super low red.Lots of antibiotics but NO chemo this week.
Maybe I can actually eat this weekend and taste the food :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another Week

As I sat here thinking about all the UDLST crap I got really sad.
I move here because I wanted to.We live on one income because it is what we had to do.We do without alot but we the most loving family ever.
It makes me sad to hear about the Danish families complain about stuff but yet ever school break they are off on holiday or spending time somewhere.
We do not go on holiday.We choose to have friends over and do free things as a family.I don't think people realize the fun you can have without spending money.
I then thought about the case worker from the kommune that called because Makayla is home now.
She was worried about her...WHY you ask because she was with her MOTHER you know me the one that gave birth to her.The one that almost died having her.I love spending time with her and painting her very fast moving little toes.Anyway the worker said why on earth would you want her home Danish moms use daycare.Well HELLOOOOOOO I am NOT Danish and I actually want to be around my kids and teach them manners,respect and how to do things on their own and to gasp play alone as well.I really hope after filing papers in Germany that they really want me.
I have really tried here and I really wanted to stay here and raise my family.
The words well your husband and kids can stay its YOU that has to leave has made me change my mind.
Now we need to find a place to live since we are homeless at the end of march :(

Sunday, February 20, 2011

How about a happy post ?

First off let me explain...
I am usually very easy going and happy.I used to love it here and never want to leave.So in an effort to get back in my happy place I have changed the name here.I also changed my twitter name and will continue changing my name other places.Never fear though I will leave a trail as I am always snacking on something :)

So onto yesterday.We went to Germany shopping.I have been really sick but wanted to get out so off we went.
I got some of my beloved Dr.Pepper and lots of other little goodies.
We had lunch out and the sun was shining.It was awesome.
Stinky loving the sun
Girls Lunch
small bottles just in case I wanted something with dinner
ahh summer
and then he made me a drink and I couldn't drink it :(
Of course we had to get my favorite drink of all time
and stop at my favorite store The Body Shop

Changing Names

I am changing the name of my blog.All the thing going on in Denmark make me want nothing tot do with Danish,Danske etc
Sooooooooo are you ready
Pretty nifty huh and I thought of it all by myself :)
and don't worry you will be be re-directed

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I am ANGRY!!!!!!

Warning if you don't like bashing the UDLST and screaming then it might be good to move along otherwise you are going to see it.
Here is a preface as to what I am on about.If you want to read more then search deported....Here

Sometimes I wonder whether the world Denmark is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it.

-Mark Twain, author and humorist (1835-1910)

I am freaking livid..ok I am PISSED.
This Saga started May 2009 and they gave me a permanent card and they asked for it back ..
What kind of flucking morons are working in this country?????
Who treats people who are willing to live here and pay taxes like this??
I can not believe or rather did not want to believe what a bunch of heartless,uncaring people run that place.
I mean I did what I was supposed to.They did not.I did not have a case worker..
I went to school.They asked me to leave.
I have 2 Danish children and I own a run my own business and yet I get to leave.Well I could stay if I reapply and pay the fees for reunification.I also have to get the integration packet and take the integration test.All these fees are about 1k$
Then after that they will decide if I am worthy of living here.
This place that is refered to in -many articles as the Happiest Place on Earth...they must have gone to Amsterdam before answering the poll.
I can tell you and every other person that want to move to Denmark to RUN .
Run as fast and far as you can and don't look back.
They don't want you here.Well they do if you will scrub toilets for free and kiss their big white high flying asses.
I will NOT live in this hell on earth.I refuse to be treated like shit.I refuse to be treated like an abused wife all over again.
I used to love it here.I used to tell my friends to move here because it was so awesome.I loved the freedom my kids had and the layed back life.
Now I can not wait to leave.
So my advice is don't fall in love with a Dane and if you do take them away to YOUR country.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me !

I got snow
Hot chocolate made from this
Breakfast(bacon,eggs and toast) made by Søren,Mackenzie and Makayla served with this
Later in the day they made me cake
One gift they gave me was this
and lots and lots of love.
I am truly blessed by my family and friends and even though I was in bed all day I loved being spoiled
Thanks Everyone

Thursday, February 10, 2011



So my question for UDLST is this.Why not use the date a person applied to stay instead of when you actually pick up the file?

Friday, February 4, 2011

A big day and a sad day

All in one.
Monday was Makayla's last day are Dejpleje. She is supposed to move on now to børnehave but she is not ready and we are taking some Mommy and Makayla time.
I really love Kate and Kim.I have never left my children as young as I did Makayla but after visiting them I knew they were awesome.
They took care of Makayla since August 2009 and treated her like she was their own.
I tried not to cry as we left on monday but ended up crying like a baby.
Thank you Kim and Kate for taking wonderful care of Makayla



Thursday, February 3, 2011


I was really hoping we would have heard by now...anything,something.
I keep reading about others not getting permanent residency and it makes me sad.
Why,why are they doing this to us?
I had a reporter tell me today that mine is under the old laws...
Well yes it should be due to when I applied etc but they are using the point system with me as well since they waited forever to get it done.I dont have the points for danish and a job(even though I owned my own business.
The last we heard they would send something in writing by January 31...but what year?
I was hoping 2011.
So we just keep trucking along and try and make the best of things even though they get more and more bizarre every day..