Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Bad String of Events

So yesterday we are cleaning and doing laundry etc getting ready for me to be out of comission for a week or so and got a big scare.Makayla holds food in her mouth so we try and be very careful and make sure she chews it all.
I was eating some mini meatball soup and sharing with Makayla.I thought she was done as she had a drink after.
Well she took some clothes that I am trying to list for sale and ran away.Hubby chased her down and took them away.
I heard her fuss and footsteps.Hubby went back to his computer and was reading or something(not paying attention).
I heard Makayla behind me and turned and called to her because her lips were BLUE.....
I just up and called to her again and she fell face first on the floor.
I was so scared but everyone else was just sitting there.
I picked her up and out her back to be and she was so limp..
arms dangling etc.I had her stomach on my arm and just hit her in the back.I have RA and let me tell you it hurt me like hell but after to smacks my baby hurled a meatball and was crying.
I have 6 kids ..yes 6 and this one is going to give me more gray that any of the others have.
Thank goodness I am not one to panic
I am not ready to lose my miracle baby yet


Anonymous said...

OMG!! I would have freaked out! Glad she's okay.

Gothic ʚϊɞ said...

OMG how scary! Thank God she is ok ♥

Shelle said...

That's so scary Missie!! I am so glad she is ok!

Keli said...

I am so thankful that she is okay and that you were there when it happened. Good job Mom!

Tricia said...

Missie, you always handle tough situations so well. I am so glad that your knee does not need surgery but don't forget to rest. Hugs!

Tina said...


I'm glad she is OK....WOW!

Hope you are feeling OK...take care!


TxMissie said...

Thanks everyone
here is my quote from fb today
thinking if life gives you lemons.. all you have to do is add tequila and salt ;)