Saturday, January 9, 2010

So one week

So it is a little over one week into the new year and things are going so so.It is so freaking cold.It is so cold that I looked at the thermometer today... it said to stay the &*$# inside!!
So onto other things.I was asked if I reply to tweets and comments on my blog...I try really hard to.If people take the time to comment or tweet to me it means they care in some way.I like to see what people say and I love to read other blogs and comment.Lately it has not been as easy to read and comment but I am working on it.I also think it is respectful to comment to my friends.
It is also true that some of my best friends live in my computer

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I miss having family and friends close especially now that I am having surgery.I mean no one helped us move and know it gets lonely.
I miss my Mom and Dad alot but we do talk everyday since I have a VOIP line with a Texas number..its free :D
Man this post is alot of back and forth so I am done for now


Anonymous said...

It's cold here too! I am so ready spring!

Shana said...

Aww, Missie...I know you have had a rough go of it here lately. I certainly hope it gets better for you. You are a very good friend ♥

TxMissie said...

I hope we have an early spring :)
Thanks Shana it is now I wish I was in Texas

fyrgrl said...

You know I understand more then I can even express! I love you guys, and I WISH we lived closer! <3