Friday, January 15, 2010

Insane much

Do kids earn things anymore? Like doing extra chores or get a job?
I have thinking about this more and more with all the things kids get.
I saw this on a forum I visit
"9 year old neighbor child told me all the wonderful gifts Santa Claus brought her. Laptop, with scanner and printer, IPOD touch, bicycle, cellphone with separate keyboard for texting, American Girl doll with assorted accessories." At 9!!! Seriously.I personaly think thats a bit insane.It also brings to the front that I know of a 17 year old who thinks she is above doing chores.Like in a family of 5 where Mom cannot do it all.The teenager is to load the dishwasher and clean the kitchen after dinner and wipe off the table and on occasion help with other things...Sometimes they help but most time mom has to end up cleaning the kitchen the next day.
So back to wanting everything.Teenager want a Kindle and was told no.They then stomp off and slam doors.When asked why they need this its because they dont want to wait for the books at the library....umm ok.So you dont have a job and you want a kindle,just how will you buy the books? No answer
I am all for getting kids stuff and my kids have a alot but all at once and so young.It just seems like a lot for a small kid


Anonymous said...

oh deanna being a pain again huh

Melinda said...

I have to agree...I had my first job at 12..picking are not understanding the value of a buck.

Jenn said...

I completely agree with you - at times I wonder if I make my kids do to much because it seems no one else makes their kids clean but I am pretty mean :)

TxMissie said...

Mack has to vaccum and clean up.Stinky to.I want them to learn how to do things and not just be given everything

butterflyjuju said...

My 7 yr old son washes the kitchen table. My 5 yr old sweeps the kitchen floor. My 2 yr picks up any food she drops in the floor. And they all clean their rooms. Nope you aren't asking too much.

trooppetrie said...

my kids have daily chores, morning chores before breakfast and then whatever else is asked during the day. if they want something special then they have to do extra chores to pay for them and my pay is cheap. sometimes we even let them buy there ways out of a punishment. like say maybe it is movie night. they can do a chore to get un grounded