Saturday, January 2, 2010

First post of 2010

It is cold again and snowing.I love watching it fall but do not like driving in it at all.I think we are settling in here and almost done moving from the old place(note to self.."Self do not move in december or during the holidays or snow again")
I will be so glad to be done.I cannot wait to show the pics of the new place once we are all unpacked.
I wanted to share some gifts I/Søren got this holiday season from some friends of ours.As always Amy makes me smile and she got me this
Søren got this in an exchange on the Ju Ju BePinkRoom They are from Cassandra and she and I are new (2009)friends

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Keli said...

I love all the signs, but the one about slightly cracked made me laugh out loud!