Friday, April 22, 2011

Makayla is 3

I am slow getting this done.The sun has been out and I have not been inside much.
I cannot believe our little miracle baby is 3.She is cuddly,smart and amazing( like all kids).She is my tractor loving girly girl.
She is bilingual and soon to be trilingual.She will start German daycare on may 1st and we are beyond excited.




Happy Birthday Stinky Baby ( her nick name )


A.Prashanth said...

Hey there, new to your blog, but promising to be a regular one. Do see my blog too. Your kid looks really cute, Trilingual at age 3? Are you trying to teach her a language a year? lol. It is a good thing though, especially in times when no single person can live their lives in one single place. Stinky baby? Why that? I named my sister's son as stinky baby (though he does not stink) just to make him laugh after I make these fart noises with my mouth near him and blame it on him lol. Kids are always fun aren't they. Too bad they grow up fast. Anyway good luck with ur kid

TxMissie said...

Her sister named her Stinky when she came home from the hospital.
Well we are a danish/american family so she gets those from birth and now she is going to german daycare since we live on the german border.
Please stop by again.
I am trying to get more regular at blogging again