Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another Week

As I sat here thinking about all the UDLST crap I got really sad.
I move here because I wanted to.We live on one income because it is what we had to do.We do without alot but we the most loving family ever.
It makes me sad to hear about the Danish families complain about stuff but yet ever school break they are off on holiday or spending time somewhere.
We do not go on holiday.We choose to have friends over and do free things as a family.I don't think people realize the fun you can have without spending money.
I then thought about the case worker from the kommune that called because Makayla is home now.
She was worried about her...WHY you ask because she was with her MOTHER you know me the one that gave birth to her.The one that almost died having her.I love spending time with her and painting her very fast moving little toes.Anyway the worker said why on earth would you want her home Danish moms use daycare.Well HELLOOOOOOO I am NOT Danish and I actually want to be around my kids and teach them manners,respect and how to do things on their own and to gasp play alone as well.I really hope after filing papers in Germany that they really want me.
I have really tried here and I really wanted to stay here and raise my family.
The words well your husband and kids can stay its YOU that has to leave has made me change my mind.
Now we need to find a place to live since we are homeless at the end of march :(

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