Sunday, February 20, 2011

How about a happy post ?

First off let me explain...
I am usually very easy going and happy.I used to love it here and never want to leave.So in an effort to get back in my happy place I have changed the name here.I also changed my twitter name and will continue changing my name other places.Never fear though I will leave a trail as I am always snacking on something :)

So onto yesterday.We went to Germany shopping.I have been really sick but wanted to get out so off we went.
I got some of my beloved Dr.Pepper and lots of other little goodies.
We had lunch out and the sun was shining.It was awesome.
Stinky loving the sun
Girls Lunch
small bottles just in case I wanted something with dinner
ahh summer
and then he made me a drink and I couldn't drink it :(
Of course we had to get my favorite drink of all time
and stop at my favorite store The Body Shop

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