Friday, February 4, 2011

A big day and a sad day

All in one.
Monday was Makayla's last day are Dejpleje. She is supposed to move on now to børnehave but she is not ready and we are taking some Mommy and Makayla time.
I really love Kate and Kim.I have never left my children as young as I did Makayla but after visiting them I knew they were awesome.
They took care of Makayla since August 2009 and treated her like she was their own.
I tried not to cry as we left on monday but ended up crying like a baby.
Thank you Kim and Kate for taking wonderful care of Makayla




kimananda said...

I'm going through the same thing with my daughter (who is just a few days younger than Makayla), moving her to børnehave, and it seems such a big step! So, it's inspired me to unlurk (delurk?) and say hello. :-)

Anonymous said...

SO great when you can find good people to care for your little ones. We were lucky enough to find an amazing woman to watch our youngest but then we moved and have just not found anyone that fits quite like she did. So hard to say goodbye so I know how you feel!