Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I hate Liars

update with letter to UDLST
To Whom it may concern
I dont know who you have been talking to but it was not me or my family.
So to say you have talked with me about exemptions etc is a flat out lie.
I have no respect for liars and I do not think they deserve my respect.
If you would like to talk to me about my resident permit I have included
3 phone number on each letter I have written to you.
I dont understand how you can lie and hurt families and small children.
I think this behavior is well I wont type it.
Please stop hurting people and ruining lives before its to late

I had to wait to write this as I was/am livid.
So a newspaper article came out about my immigration problems and
I really wanted to believe they(UDLST) would say sorry for messing up and making you miserable.
But nope no way instead they lie lie lie.They have denied me then sent me a card then wanted it back.How is that a clear NO??
Then they said they have been in contact with me on exemptions etc....
I think the tinfoil hats they are wearing need replacing.They called one 1 ONE time and said they would only give me 6 months and hung up.So who ever they have been talking to was not me.
They do so much spinning its not even funny.It will always be NO but wait its not final...so what is it?
I honestly am done..over this place and will be moving on.I am tired of the lies and waiting and BS they dish out.
They are treating people like dirt and breaking up families and they just dont give a crap and I don't either any more


Anonymous said...

Missie, I am sorry for the trouble with immigration. I am German and got married to my American fiance, entered the USA as such and now pay and pay for a lawyer as my papers got messed up. These situations arent specific to Denmark or Europe but happen at any time everywhere!
Lets keep the fingers crossed for each other. Paula


TxMissie said...

I understand but I have been here almost 10 years and have 2 danish kids so mine is a little different