Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Feeling Better

I feel a little better today but still not having much hope things will change.
A very nice reporter was here yesterday and a photographer and we talked about "OUR STORY"
You know the storys that when some one tells it to you and you sit back and think "Man there is no way this can be happening to someone/family" Yea thats the one.Well it is "OUR" story.
It was there on the table in a stack of papers.
Our heartache our future.Uncertain as to where we will be going.
At one point I was crying and I hope I hid it well enough.I did not want anyone to really see all the pain in me but it is hard not to let it show.
I know we will be ok,we have to be and we will be a family even if we have to be seperated for a short time.I will not let these stupid laws break us.
I have been through to much in my life to let this beat me.
Yes it hurts me,my husband and our girls but we will make it.
Like Mack says "Never fear Mommy Zebrat is here !"
I called my mom and talked to her and if nothing else works for us we wil go back to Texas.
I dont want to as Denmark is my "HOME" now and I really do want to stay here even if they dont want me.I can forgive them for the hurt and pain they caused us.
and now off to rest as I used to many spoons yesterday.
Here is The Spoon Theory

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