Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Here we go again...


So here we are again.Packing up our lives...but where are we going?
I have no clue.I am to the point where I just don't feel like worrying anymore.
Thank you UDLST for making me miserable and for making our children come in the night to see if I am still here because you want me to leave.
Do you know the damage it is causing???? and better yet do you care?
Last night as I was crying and wondering where we are going I started reading the UDLST page.
It says processing time 6 months hmmm may 2009 until may 2010 is most certainly a year.
If they had been on top of things and read all the medical records we sent in and papers and done their job I would have been granted a permanent residency and would be settled but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
They drag their feet (but by golly we better not be 1 second late turning something in to them) so now its almost 2 years later and new fees that are causing me to close my business and pack up just in case we have to leave quickly.
Some tell us to stay and fight...but why should I.I have to pay to complain and re apply a lawyer etc and of course live in limbo for who knows how long.
I am tired and I honestly don't know if I have the fight left in me.
It is also hard to explain to our kids why we are stressed and crying alot.
I know things will work out in a way that is best for me,Søren/our family but damm it is hard living like this.


Michelle Hilden said...

Sending a lot of positive vibes from copenhagen!!! Things WILL work out!

TxMissie said...

Thanks. I know they will its just a pita

HelenClyde said...

Man, how I wish the European Union (or just all countries, for that matter) would see that borders and restrictions don´t help anything. It´s not like you could stop crime in any form by treating ordinary people like criminals. I feel so sorry that you and your family have to go through this. I wish I could do more than just give you a friendly hug through the internet.

TxMissie said...

Thanks Helen.
Without my online peeps and bloggy buddys I might go insane

Gert said...

I feel compelled to apologize for my fellow Danes. I am, these days, sad, frustrated, ashamed, and furious at my country of birth, and how it has turned into everything I despise. Nobody should have to deal with the crap you describe.

If it's a possibility for you, I'd suggest you look into moving to Sweden. I and my wife (an American) live here, and the immigration rules are sensible and simple, the case work times are short (on the order of months), and the people you deal with don't act like you're their enemy.

Jens said...

I completely sympathise. I'm Danish, the Mrs. from USA. Married for nearly 7 years, and all that time under family reunification here. My wife is not well enough to work, so we and our 6 year old son are pretty well screwed over with any of their latter year laws.
Permanent residency became impossible for us when they passed their idiotic law in August 2010 - the one that had back-dated implementation. If it hadn't been for that, she could have gotten permanent residency in May this year, or possibly earlier due to her disabilities.

Best of luck to you - and may Denmark get a new non-xenophobic government soon.

Lindsay said...

Awww. Missie. I'm so sorry for all of you. This is just rotten. I pray that you guys get some resolution quickly. ♥

suz said...

Wow, so sorry you are having to endure this.

Keli said...

Wow Missie, I am thinking of you and hoping everything works out soon. I know it has to be very stressful to live in limbo. Keeping positive thoughts for you.

Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry to hear this but I hope you'd find "peace" in the new country you'd live in. AT least they won't change the immigration law twice a year :S

@jens: Someone is actually happy with teh new immigration law.

Anonymous said...

Oh well, keep your chin up. It's hard to not be made welcome, and I am sorry you have lost the fight. Many people who fought and won are left feeling that it wasn't really worth it anyway. Can't even get a decent pizza here.

So all the best in the new place, and may you be able to put this behind you.

Denmark is walking a fine line right now, as the old fashioned politics don't match up with the present drive to attract international sparkly types.

Good luck, and put this all behind you.


The Writer Formerly Known as Babs xx