Thursday, December 2, 2010

I have no words....

Well I do but there are not appropriate for my blog....
If you have been reading about my immigration mess then you know whats going on.If not here are the links
Here is #1

Now today after a reporter called UDLST I got a few calls and I made her call my husband as well so there was no misunderstanding.She said I can stay while I appeal..well we know that but after I send in a copy of my new passport I will be a whopping 6 months residency !!!!!!
With this kind of permit we can never get a loan for a house and if I am deported who will pay me for my store.
I think this is awful to do to a family


This is a story used with Michelle's permission

Loren and me have been married for almost 9 years, we got married on Copenhagen city Hall in january of 2002.
We moved to the states shortly after, we lived there for about 13 months, we moved back to Denmark when we heard about the new Udlændninge rules that was passed in 2003, we applied and waited for six months but was denied and we had to move back to the states.

We stayed in the states for 6 years and moved back to Denmark in 2008 we applied for familiy reunification, we got approved, Loren took his danish classes and passed the tests when he had passed he got a nice diploma from Ministeriet for Immigration.

We both got good jobs and payed our taxes, we even got a letter from Jobcenter that said we did not need to contact them since Loren already had a job, so we thougth we where in the clear.

In october I look in his passport and notice that the sticker in there has run out, so we go down to Udlændinge service to get it fixed, the rest you know.

What i find wierd is that the diploma and the letter from Jobcenter all came after his Visa ran out, we also taveled in and out of Denmark with the expired visa?

Loren was given 48 hours to leave his wife,his home and his job.....
This is so not fair and there are many more families in the same boat


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