Tuesday, May 25, 2010

On this deportation thing

I dont understand it at all.I have been here 9 years.Married for 8 and was given permission to go to school in nov 2002.Classes didnt start until March 2003 and by then I was 7 months pregnant and having trouble.Others that come here get a case worker to help sort things.I met with one man one time.I was in and out of school for health issues until fall 2006.I was going to school and trying to learn danish.I have trouble writing so I asked for a laptop.I was informed by the school and kommune that I would have to get my own.I did and when I returned in Jan 2007 I was told I could not come anymore.Others get a year off for babies...I did not.No one helped me...We have documents showing were we called and called to get some help.I did get accepted to VUC and had to pass a written danish test and I did :).Then I was moved to a computer to identify objects...hmmm okie but I want to SPEAK DANISH..When I asked about someone to talk to me they said they dont have anyone at the time.
In my time in Denmark I have had 2 live births and one miscarriage that almost killed me.
I have had 4 operations and spend alot of time in the hospitals and drs.I know one report that was sent to the UDLST was 119 pages and that was only one dr.
I just dont understand why they could not give me a 3 year resident permit like before.4 of my kids are here.3 at home and one living in CPH and married to a Dane.
So where do we go from here..We rent a house.
Should we resign since it is a 3 months in advance to the landlord just in case we have to really go?
Do I call movers and book a container?
Do I prepare the little ones that we might have to leave Daddy behind? Even though they are Danish citizens I wont leave them here.
Do we go on as usual?
Keep looking for a house to buy?
Live like normal(whatever that is) and go on?
I am just confused about the whole mess


Margo said...

I'll preface this by saying that IMO what they have done is wrong. However, it happens. I helped a student friend out with a similar situation a few years ago when the US wanted to send her back before she was able to graduate.

DO NOT just send letters - make it your business to have a contact at immigration. DO NOT rely on letters - it takes too much time before anyone actually reads them and even then you may get a form letter in return. Then start jumping through their hoops - if they want you to take a language class take one even if it means you have to pay for it yourself. You have a business so their other argument about that isn't valid.

Basically, if you want to stay you need to do whatever they tell you to - it sucks but it's the way it is.

Lindsay said...

I wish I could help you. I feel just rotten about this. You have a family there. You are contributing to society through being a business owner. You aren't living off the government. Hang in there Missie. I'm so sorry.

TxMissie said...

Margaret I was supposed to be allowed 3 years of school with a year off for each pregnancy.I was not.I would love to take the classes but 1.I cannot sit the entire time.2. I cannot write
this is why I bought a laptop since they would not provide me with one.
3.and last reason I would pay for them if I could afford them.They are like 300$ a week.It is not in our budget for that.It should have been excused due to medical reasons and we dont know why it wasnt

Margo said...

I would still try and talk to someone at immigration - if you had a medical leave then it sounds like it might have been a misunderstanding or missed paperwork. Don't resign yourself to having to leave until you have all the pieces of the puzzle.

TxMissie said...

We are working with them.They said in a month or 2 we would have the next contact letter

Michelle2 said...

oh missie, what a nightmare! sending positive thoughts your way...

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