Monday, December 6, 2010

I wonder if they know

exactly what they do to families.
The Danish Immigration Service that is.
I mean you have to apply and wait and wait and wait( for me it was a year this time) .You hope and pray you get good news and get to stay with your family.In my case I was told no after a year and then yes and then no again.Now they will give me a whole 6 months resident permit.
People ask why I don't speak Danish and I simply say the system failed me.I was in school and told to leave as I had been in Denmark 3 years.
Why does everyone else get time off for births and surgery.
I sure didn't and now what do we do?
Try and fight and stay here where our life is or do we find a new country and home.
I just hate that some people hate it here so much and voice to anyone and everyone that will listen how much they hate this country but yet they don't get deported.
I wish the UDLST would look at us as people,families and not as numbers.