Tuesday, November 17, 2009

4 years ago today

I was pregnant..due may 2006.I went in for a regular appointment and the midwife did a scan.It was not clear and she could not get a good pic so she moved me.Got a better machine and another midiwfe.They said the baby was sleeping and to come back.My gut told me different.I went home and emailed my OBGYN and he had me come in friday/the next day.
He told me the baby was gone :( and the young new midwife/s didnt know how to tell me.What follows is hell.I was told to go home and see if my body would do anything.It did NOT.I went in monday and was given some pills.I was told to start some tuesday am and the rest wednesday(23)..so I did.I was at peace with what was happening so I went on..a little sad but went on.Wednesday I did was I was supposed to.I passed my sweet angel baby and am glad I was at home.The rest is a hazy mess.We went to get a xmas tree and passed out.I passed out several more times and finally agreed something more was wrong.The ambulance came,my blood pressure dropped so much I was code 3 to ER feet up etc.I saw things and was scared and said good bye.I was hemorrhaging.I was so freaking scared.They told me I would never have another child.I lost our baby and it hurt so bad.We gained my older daughter in june 2006 and Stinky in 2008.
..more to come

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The Slacker Mom said...

What a terrifying experience. I'm so glad everything turned out OK and I'm so glad they were wrong about never having children. I can't imagine being told that.