Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It is a brand new week

I have been slacking again :/ but here is the lowdown
The girls went with my mother in law sat/sun.It was so nice and quiet.She picked up Deanna and Mack after riding lessons saturday morning and they rode the train home sunday.
We found a new rental house!!!!I am so dang excited about it.We looked at it yesterday and it is perfect and it has store next to it that we rented as well.It is 4 bedrooms (YES!!!!) no one in my room or has to share.2 Bathrooms,closets a mud room a wood stove and lots of room.I just love it.It is for sale as well and if things work and we like it maybe some day we will buy it.Anyhow as soon as the contract comes in the mail and I sign it I will post pics

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