Friday, September 25, 2009

This week has gone so fast

I have been wrapping up call backs and orders from the show in Germany and it has been busy.I love all the new things coming in.I hope the store really takes off.
On another note Makayla stayed all day at daycare and even napped.I really really love where she goes.They treat her like I would and she seems to love being there...of course until we show up.She goes hereThey love StinkyTomorrow afternoon we are going to a party there with the other parents and kids.I am excited to meet some other moms here.You wonder why it is so exciting well I dont speak danish so I sometimes hibernate but Kim and Kate are awesome and the kids are to and I love making new friends.
Mack is having asthma issues this week again and it sucks.Tomorrow she has horse riding lessons again.She loves riding and I hope it is helping her back issues but with the amount of crying about her hips and back lately I am not so sure.


Kami said...

What a blessing to have a daycare that your babe can go to and you are comfortable with! Sounds amazing :)

It's definitely no fun to have hip and back pain on top of asthma .. I can relate to all three. Praying for a break for the little sweetie!

TxMissie said...

Thanks.I have it daily and started at her age.I hate that she suffers.