Saturday, September 19, 2009

Where we have been

We are in Koln/cologne Germany.We are here for a trade show called Kind &Jugend.It is a major trade show for kids.we saw so many things and so many people.I made some new friends and look at Miss Mack hanging out with Mr.Joe( mr ju ju be) as she calls him

and here is Ms.Katie(international sales) and Mr.Joe again.

It has been a great mini holiday as the girls are along.I am sorry to see it end but I am ready to get home.The girls have done really well being away from home.Makayla has been excellent and sleeping very well but waking at 6 like usual.
Check for some updates tomorrow.I am to tired to type


Melinda said...

hey! just wanted to check in and see how you are!

Kami said...

I'm thrilled to hear that you had such a great holiday! It's always a blessing when things go well on our trips away :)

Missing your writing and am thrilled that you have posted again!