Sunday, April 14, 2013

What a Year it has been.

Wow time sure does fly ! The girls and I arrived in Houston Texas on April 3rd 2012. I/We knew it would be hard since we had to leave Soren behind but we did it. we spent Easter with family and the girls enjoyed Easter Egg Hunting. We went to Corpus Christi and the girls met some of my school friends and enjoyed the water. We then went to Austin to see my cousin Lisa and Carlos and met up with Mandy as well. Mackenzie got to see the Capital in Austin and was excited to see it.In late may we started off on our adventure to Tennessee. We stayed in Dallas for about a week. We met some great internet friends while there and went to the Dallas Zoo. Mimi and Pops came to to Dallas to go with us on our road trip. It took 2 days but was so easy to drive. The girls have been to the Gulf and dipped their feet.We met alot of awesome people in Dallas and went to the Dallas Zoo. They went swimming outdoors and love the water. They have been in Catholic Private School and could not be happier. There have been some obstacles and sad things happen but it is mostly good things.exciting.The best part of the last year was Soren getting permanent residency in the USA. Happy One Year Anniversary !

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