Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I want to say Thank You

I want to say Thank You to all the birthmothers in the world. They do something so awesome and I admire them for their courage to give their child up for another woman to become Mom. I have a great life and I have the best parents ever. I know things were not always roses but you know who has a childhood that is. My parents adopted me when I was a little over a month old and I must say they are pretty good family. I am an only child so I got ALL the attention I wanted or needed.I went to great schools and really had a great life..... Then it happened I got sick. I already had a dx of Rheumatoid Arthritis and now I had Lupus to. When you get sick they ask so many questions about medical history and since I was adopted I had nothing. My parents and I talked about about it and since Lupus can cause organ failure my Dr's and my parent's thought we should start looking for my birthmother. The first place I called was the adoption agency and they sent me a paper with info on it about my birth mother. It had names and ages and birth dates on it. I learned then that she named me before she gave me up and I actually love the name. I was named Mary Elisabeth. I started searching back then but the internet was new and not much info available so it was long hard search. My lupus got worse so I stopped looking plus not getting anywhere made me sad. Fast forward to now... When we got back stateside I wanted to have some things done and it required a baptism certificate so I ordered it from the church where it was on record. When I got it there was my name then my dad and then another name( for privacy reasons I will not put it on here ) and I called again and they checked and double checked and someone had made a mistake. I liked this mistake as it said Mary Elisabeth XXXXXXXXXXX. WOOHOOOOO a name that I did NOT have. I started looking again. Then it was the holidays etc and I stopped. This week I needed it again and it had to be new so I called the church again and it turns out they spelled the name wrong and when it was corrected I found A LOT of info online. I was hoping a call I made today was IT but it turns out it was not. Oh well one day I hope we find each other and at least talk.

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