Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I Did It !

I loved watching people walk/run 5K's while I lived in Denmark. It looked like fun to get dressed up funny and then blasted with color or mud etc. I vowed when I went into a wheel chair for everything over 300ft I would someday walk a 5K. When we moved back in April 2012 I was in ready set go mode. I have had many setbacks in the last year and it has been SOOOOOO maddening but guess what I DID IT I DID IT. I did not do a 5K but rather a 3K. We joined Color Me Rad and it was to benefit the East Tennessee Children's Hospital so I was determined to go. The bone infection was healed so I had been working,crying,walking and dealing with severe plantar fasciitis. If you do not know what that is well let me tell you it HURTS. Every step I take brings tears to my eyes but I sucked it up and walked. I was the last one along with my mini band of gypsies but we walked and got Oh So colorful hehe. It was great and I have been working hard so I only need Zeus and not the stupid chair( I will always need it from now on but I can hope right ?) Now to introduce Zeus . He is my service dog and is out being trained. We cannot wait for him to come home. CTYS13_05_04638 CTYS13_05_01093 IMG_4660 IMG_4648 DSC_1776 IMG_4598

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