Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Gates Are Closed

Now go away you nasty immigrant....

This is the feeling I get after all the things that have been released by the news papers concerning immigration to Denmark.
It is the same feeling all immigrants and their spouses feel as well.
We are being punished for loving someone that is an immigrant.
but wait they want us to pay to work FEES LIST
here.Then pay taxes etc but get nothing for our work.No medical nothing.
I dont have a problem getting medical but come on dont make me pay high taxes to fix your social mess.I didnt make it.I did not take any money from the govt.
I was failed and was not allowed to continue Danish classes so I could not get a job so I opened my own business...oh wait you want my taxes from that plus I will need to pay a fee to own a business.
My kids are scared Mommy is going to be carted off and not be back.
I was in a very abusive marriage for 17 years and you know what..this feels just like that.You dont know what is coming next.
I have been here 9 years and was so excited to apply one last time in 2009 and to never have to worry about it again.
I have applied several times for temp residency and each time it takes them a YEAR to decide.In this time we live in limbo.Do we buy a do we make long term plans in life?
This time has by far been the worse waiting period.Apply ..wait..get answer freak out..appeal..get resident card..whew life is good...BAM sorry it was mistake give us back the card (no way in hell)
Now you get to live in limbo and for all the trouble we have caused you we might give you residency for 6 more months.
I dont think I have much fight left and if I fight what or where will it get me?
I know this is alot of mixed up babble but I need to get it there.
I really wish we could get a place like Christiana and all live in peace and harmony and be good to each other no matter where you come from


Heidi said...

Ugh, this is such a sadistic way to treat people. Your analogy to an abusive relationship is very spot on, I believe. I sometimes suspect the Immigration service here is run by cats. Ever watch a cat toy with its prey before finally putting it out of its misery? Same behavior, if you ask me!

Michelle Hilden said...

Well said Missie!!! I am stil trying to figure out how to raise hell

Anonymous said...

It's an insane place to live. You never know what rules they're drafting up next.

Soon, this will be an "apartheid" country where immigrants aren't walked side by side with Danes or similar situation.

Isn't there anyway for you guys to move somewhere else? Better for mental health, at least

TxMissie said...

We are looking as we speak.I think for now we are going to try Flensburg. We gave notice on our house and do have another one in sonderborg but have not paid the deposit yet

trininista said...

I am sorry to read this. As if being away from your native country and family etc is not hard enough.

Chrissy Edwards said...

*hugs* Missie. So sorry that you are going through this - it is despicable how this is going down...

Jacob C said...

Good rreading your post