Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sorry for being gone again

I was dealing with family stuff and spending time with my kidlets.
The week of Thanksgiving Hubby was home sick all week so I got got zero done.
We then had Ericka and Steffen over for a good old American Thanksgiving and we invited some Danish friends as
well to celebrate with us.
Here is the awesome cake Ericka made




and here is a Turkey Craft we made


HelenClyde said...

Wow! Just... wow! This cake is completely cool. Simple design, but such an awesome idea. And so skillfully executed. I wish I could copy this... guess I have to practice a little more :)

TxMissie said...

That gal that makes them has a blog as well
no real formal training

Lindsay said...

That cake is *amazing! I'm sorry for everything that is going on with your citizenship battle. It really hurts my heart for you.