Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sooooo Deported still well kinda


So friends and family that read here know about this saga.
I posted first on being deported
My sweet hubby called and they said they would look into why and a few weeks later I posted
on not being deoprted

So fast forward to yesterday.Deanna is turning 18 soon so she needed to apply herself to stay here in Denmark.
So she calls the UDLST and they told her my permit expired in June 2009.WHAT
breathe breathe breathe
Ok so I called UDLST myself to see if she was mistaken.You know teenagers hear random things all the time( Like Mom you said I could borrow the car and drive the tank dry)
OK so I called.First lady was rude and had a hard time understanding me and then rudely said I cannnot help you and hung up.
Call again,I am number 10 in line wait listen to bad music ohhh I am next.The very nice person is helping me figure out what is up and all.She comes back and says I am SO SORRY the card was a MISTAKE!?!?!
You see the case worker forgot to put a date....beep beep beep
dang dropped call
Try calling back and always 10 inline and wait and wait and get first lady 3 more times and she hangs up on me every.single.time
Finally I call another number and complain and then get a very nice lady that helps me figure it all out.
Since the case worker did not put a date on the form the put permanent.
yet I have to re-apply by Oct 7th or leave :(
I am so angry and stressed.Why of why cant people get things done right the first time..

Updated to add they asked me to send the mistake card back and they would send one that expired Oct / 2010


Melinda said...

I'm sorry Missy, but I'm sure this will get straightened out!

Anonymous said...

jesus! I know people working at the Danish Immigration service are dumb (they tried to deport me myself just because I work for a Danish company in Norway *rolls eyes*) but I never knew that they could be THIS DUMB.

Fight!!! if necessary appeal to the ministry. They can't treat human beings like a mere case file!

kelly said...

Given how badly they are treating you... Do you want to stay, still? (It would make me want to leave, is all)

TxMissie said...

Kelly it is just at the immigrations office.Plus the benefits I get from here are alot more than I cna get stateside re health/meedical

Anonymous said...

no missy, it's not JUST the immigration office. Have you ever followed debates on immigrations on TV? Those articles where they claim that immigrants are useless but draining the statskasse?

That they want to close the border altogether and differ treatment those who come from western and non-western countries? Danish Immigration Service is a result from all those debates.

Just in case you don't know, they are trying to make immigrants for their own health service. They argue that the "smart ones" could easily get sponsored by their companies, while those who are out of jobs? Well, good luck with that.

Anonymous said...


They are trying to make immigrants pay for their own health service (while we still pay the same tax rate as the Danes).

TxMissie said...

Ohh I didnt know that.I need to go read since we dont watch much danish tv

suz said...

Oh Missie!
This is crazy and not at all what you needed! Will be praying it all gets resolved quickly for you and you get to stay.


Kitty Deschanel said...

Yikes! This makes me feel so frustrated for you. I hope everything works out. That crummy service is just ridiculous, especially for their own mistake!

AJenbo said...

I think i have spoken to the same lady at ULDS who hung up on me because she couldn't understand what i was saying... and i am a native Dane.