Friday, August 6, 2010

A little pity party...NOT

the last few months/weeks have been rough.My Ra is Lupus are running amok in my body.I have been told it will only get worse and I wont be doing alot of things I love.My shoulder might not be able to be fixed and thats ok,I will just learn to be left handed.I am on the strongest treatment now and let me tell you I have the bruises to prove it.I jsut started on Methatrexate shots since the pills well they made me sick.The problem now is my car is a standard and automatics are hard to find here.I fall alot so I do not go out walking alone (which I love) and miss is alot since we live at the beach.
I will not let this get me down.I have 4 wonderful daughter,3 of which are still at home.They need me and I need them.I have an awesome hubby who does more than his share of working,shopping,cleaning etc and never ever complains.So I am off to read,play with my kids and watch yet another episode of Dora.Ohh and a good thing about the meds is since it is a mild chemo I dont have to shave as often woohooo
Happy Friday Folks !!!


Melinda said...

Just wanted to make sure I left a comment so you knew I was here and thinking painfree thoughts for you.

TxMissie said...

Thanks Melinda.I am better today.I have not been driving so its better

Lindsay said...

Oh, Missie. I am so sorry. I was on Methotrexate with some other chemos when I was being treated for cancer. It was rotten. But I love the upside of not having to shave as much :) Hang in there lady.