Tuesday, March 9, 2010

We Did It!!!

We did it and I cannot believe we pulled it off.You see this is the first time everyone had somewhere they needed to be before 8am.If you remember I talked about hubby getting a new job after being home 8 months.We only have one car(for now) so he has to deposit the kidlets off at school/daycare.Up at 6 am and 2 small kidlets dressed and ready by 7 am.Deanna can get herself ready and help with the little ones.This is exciting news for us as we are always late.I never used to be late and was always early and now I am late.Everytime we travel or try to go somewhere we are always at least an hour late leaving.So you see this is huge for us to be ready and out the door :)
I hope there are more mornings like this in store for us.


Lindsay said...

I just love it on the rare occasions we are on time :) Glad it's all working out for you guys!

Anonymous said...

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