Thursday, March 4, 2010

It is a very good day!

It is a very good day and let me tell you why.Søren lost his job on July 1st.He has looked and looked but nothing happened.He was getting a bit discouraged after all this time.The kids started getting sick about mid February.2 weeks ago Makayla got bronchitis and the next day Mack got it.Then last friday Macks turned to pneumonia and this week its an ear infection with pneumonia.Also monday Makayla got a tummy bug.So it has been a long 8 months with hubby home and 3 weeks with sick kids.I love hubby being home and all but the time has come for him to GOOOOOOOO.
He applied for a job the 8th of February and they called him in the week after for an interview on the 18th and told him they would let home know.He came home just hoping they would hire him and I hoped to for both our sakes.
They called the next day woooot and told him on monday the 22 they would send a link for a personality test and if they hired him when could he start.He completed it and waited.They said they would call the same day.We waited on snow and icicles for them to call back.He tried calling them and emailing and nothing.Friday they finally call and ask him to come in tuesday.He went in for the second interview and left feeling confident but did not want to get his hopes up.They said they would call by the end of the week.
He stopped of for some new pacifiers and change and came home.He was not even home 5 minutes and they called(this is where I do the happy happy happy dance) They hired him and told him he would start the 15th of March
They asked him to come in thursday(today) to sign the paper work and all that jazz.
He got there and sent me a text that he would start tomorrow!?!?!.
Yippeee but we are not ready.We need another car and we had apointments scheduled for next week before he started.
Oh well we will make it and it will be weird without him here.
I will survive :D


Keli said...

That is great news. I hope he enjoys the new job.

Bri said...

Awesome news, congratulations! I hope he'll like his job and that they're a cool company to work for.

Also hoping that all your little ones get much better. It's time! :)