Thursday, March 11, 2010

This Week..

has gone by ubber fast.I drove out a tank of gas getting kidlets where they needed to be etc.We are doing good on the getting everyone where they need to be on time though.We seem to be getting into a schedule and that feels good.Biz is good online but I wish more people came into the shop...oh well such is life.
Hubby is loving the new job and that makes me want to dance but you guys would LOL if you saw me..I can NOT dance.So tomorrow is pics for bday invitations and then my precious has to go in to be repaired.The good thing is they are giving me a loaner to use.
more later since I need to be sleeping :)


Keli said...

It is great that you are getting into a routine in your new *hubby working* life. Great that online business is good, hopefully when the weather turns to spring your shop business will pick up.

Lindsay said...

Well, that is a bummer that you don't have more shop traffic, but glad you've got lot of online business. And I totally know about draining the gas tank to drive the kids where they need to go :( Loved chatting with you yesterday!