Wednesday, January 20, 2010

White Wednesday

It snowed here again today and the wind blew...very white outdoors.
I am so ready for some sun and green but I dont see that happening by the forecast.
On a better note my knee is awesome.It doesnt really hurt and I am up and about doing things and not crabby at all..ok maybe a little but not as much.The pain is so little as compared to before.
So now that things are better and we are settling in I promise to not whine unless it includes wine and cheese and stuff.
Thanks to all my bloggy friends and Mrs Amy and Katrina and Kim for being there


fyrgrl said...

What kind of wine? LOL No seriously glad your feeling better hun! Love ya

Mama_Bear_Sarah said...

i'm ready for sun and green too! I just want to be able to open my windows.

Hope your knee isn't giving you too much trouble. Take it easy so you don't end up damaging it more. rest, rest, rest!!!

:) Sarah