Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Moving on !!!!

Wow december is going by super fast.Last night was a Christmas Party for non Danish people and their Danish partners/spouses.It was nice getting out and meeting some new people.Santa even made a visit to the kids there.Today we are packing.I dread packing and especially this time of year.Oh well it is for the best.A new house with 4bedrooms!!!!Yes every child gets their own room WOOOOOOT.
It has 2 bathrooms as well.We all know how important that is with 3 girls in the house.The absolute best part is that it is one story.No stairs for me to fall down and get hurt.I just wish my parents could be here to help us.

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Shana said...

I know you are going to be so happy once it's over with! Hang in there & good luck!