Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A little scared

Well thats the understatement of the year.I am very scared/worried etc about tomorrow.I found out way back when I was pregnant with Makayla that my hips were bad...as in need replacing.
I am going to the orthopedist in the morning to see what joint he wants to replace first.
The hip or the knee.
I also have tachycardia with more tests coming soon to figure out why.For now juts beta blockers.
Put those together with the fact that my Lupus is acting up and yea I am scared.All of this mess is from RA( rheumatoid arthritis).I hate it and I hate what it does to the body.


Chrissy Edwards said...

Oh no Missie! Keep me posted!

fyrgrl said...

Keep me posted! Love ya!