Sunday, November 8, 2009

Holidays in Denmark

It is getting close to holiday time in Denmark.I love the holidays here.It starts the first sunday with Advent.The Advent candle wreath or ring is sometimes homemade.I love making them.Also we have a Christmas calendar.The kids get one gift a day for everyday until the 24th.I do one gift a week for my older daughter as it gets expensive for a gift everyday for older kids.I love the decorations and family time that is shared this time of year.
Here are a few links that talk about the holidays here in Denmark.
Here is one.
I will add pics of mine own stuff later


Sugar and Spice said...

Hi! I love your baby site! I have one too with hair accessories! I am trying to get my stuff out to new people and wanted to share my site with you since you have a little girl!! Hope youll check it out! :)

TxMissie said...

Thanks.I checked it out.We do sell Mamma made goods on the store :)